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Thread subject: Hello Celeste!
Name Date Message
Elaine Z 10/09/05 12:07 pm Elaine Z here! It was so wonderful to meet you at the Hawkwatch on top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia NP. Imagine my surprise when I heard you talking about the Puleston ospreys!

It was that very Hawkwatch, about five years ago, that got my husband and I into birding. (And this wonderful website that got us into lurking!)

We were so delighted to find the Pulestone site this spring. All season we checked in with Betty, Dennis, and the chicks, and so look forward to their return.

We are on the other side of LI sound, in CT. We have a nice population of ospreys in the area, and there are several nests in a nearby estuary that we like to keep an eye on.

We always feel the passing of the season with the departure of our osprey pals, but we look forward to the mergansers and buffleheads that will soon come our way. It's such a nice way to move through the year!

Greetings to all!

Elaine (and David) Z

Nancy L 10/09/05 12:22 pm Welcome Elaine & David - hope to hear from you often!
Marie 10/09/05 12:31 pm Welcome into OUR Osprey family. So nice that you posted and we look forward to more blogs of your own ospreys as time goes by.
Kathy 10/09/05 12:57 pm Welcome, our new Osprey friends.
Cecilia 10/09/05 02:44 pm Celeste will be so excited when she sees that you saw her post and you've finally come out of the woodwork :-) Welcome!
Celeste 10/09/05 03:26 pm Hi Elaine!!! & David!!!! Cecilia just called to tell me you posted--I was wondering if you ever read my Thread about meeting you, (#7867)

I was so surprised and excited to meet you that I wished I had stayed longer to speak to you. We had been at the Hawk Watch for a couple of hours and we had so many other places that we were trying to see in one day. As we travelled through Acadia I wanted to go back up to the Hawk Watch in the hopes of seeing again. I couldn't get over the fact that I met someone who was familiar with this site. It was thrilling! If you remember, the Forest Ranger stopped "watching" to find out what the excitement was all about.

So glad you posted Elaine. That was my second visit to Acadia and hope to return next year....perhaps we will meet again!

Please keep us posted about your osprey in Conn. Again, so happy that you wrote a message Elaine! Welcome to you and David......:-)

Kathy 10/09/05 04:01 pm Please sign our guest book.
Tiger 10/09/05 06:05 pm Welcome EZ....and rejoice that a lurker has joined us on the board. Oh please tell us why so many people choose to lurk rather than post? Posting is so much more fun and productive!
Celeste 10/09/05 06:52 pm Do you see this my dear sister?!
Shelley 10/09/05 08:49 pm Yes, Liz, we know you're out there!

And you, too, Ivy!! (she is not my sister, but she IS my friend!) ;-)
Madeline 10/10/05 12:07 am Welcome Elaine to this large and friendly family of osprey watchers.
Tim P 10/10/05 01:33 am Welcome to The Grand Ole Osprey Bunch.
Celeste mentioned meeting you to us.
We've been waiting for you.
Have Fun..
Madeline 10/10/05 03:55 am Tim; What are you trying to do to poor Elaine, scare her away?


Pay on attention to the woman behind the keyboard. She's been up way past her bed time and her mind runs away with her craziness.

cathleen 10/10/05 01:49 pm Elaine, I am a relative newcomer, and have found this bunch to be most warm and inviting. When I get to be old and decrepit (already happening...) I can see I will be stuck at home, but freed by my adventures with my friends online! Until then, I will look forward to meeting some of you one day "in the flesh" (maybe in Maine!). Hmmmm....somehow that didn't come out exactly right .... :0>

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