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Thread subject: Visit to the UK
Name Date Message
Vicki in S. CA. 10/09/05 01:37 pm Just a note to tell you my husband and I had a very sucessful trip to Scotland and Yorkshire. Did go to the Scottish Seabird Centre. Rain coming sideways that day! But it was a joy to physically be there and view Fidra, Bass Rock, etc. Still thousands of seabirds flying about. The Centre itself is lovely, great for teaching children, etc.
I think we saw kites in West Yorkshire - we were in the area near Keighley and Skipton. At least they were hovering over the sheep pasture like the White Tailed Kites I am familiar with in California. Saw lots of sheep too, needless to say. Also went to two raptor centers in that area - saw demonstrations of flying, lots of non-UK birds in breeding programs. Some native birds as well.
Roads in North Yorkshire are narrow!!! Still, we took many a back road and loved it.
Celeste 10/09/05 03:36 pm Sounds so very interesting! Welcome "home"!
Madeline 10/10/05 12:00 am Glad to hear you had a nice time in the UK. I've heard that sheep are 99% of the rush hour. LOL
Tim P 10/10/05 01:46 am Sounds like a sweet trip. Driving around taking in the scenery. Very cool.
Nancy L 10/10/05 10:24 am And how was it driving on the left side of the road? When we were there a few years ago, my husband managed well, aside from a few minor occurences!
Vicki in S. CA. 10/10/05 12:05 pm My husband did the driving and he just finds it uncomfortable to have the steering wheel on the right side of the car. The hardest thing for us is the narrow lanes with cars parked in the lane requiring polite (or not so polite) taking turns by drivers coming both ways. We aren't used to that in California - parking has its own lane, never in the traffic lane. Of course that takes up a lot more space! And then the road signage is infrequent or none. I think local knowledge of the roads is expected except for the M roads. But it is all worth it - things are very different there, much less conspicuous consumption, more down to basics. Of course the prices help that happen - very expensive for everything, especially gasoline. Parking that car is also a challenge. I just look at it as the roads were there long before the cars and they weren't made for automobiles. And the scenery is wonderful although I am welcoming the Southern California warmth right now.
Madeline - sheep make up a large part of the population but the only animal traffic jam we got in was cows. They were on our little road and we had to follow them at their pace to our farm house. The cow wrangler was on a three wheeled vehicle but he could have used a young helper or two - the cows wanted to turn down every driveway and he had to get off and round them up repeatedly. Or perhaps he should have been on a horse like a cowboy. I guess the dogs only work with the sheep, not cows. Saw them in action rounding up ewes and they are amazing!

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