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Thread subject: NG Africa webscam
Name Date Message
Shelley 10/10/05 10:17 am I have it on right now and it is fabulous! The picture isn't as sharp as we are used to from our own DPOF cam, but maybe that is because I believe it is raining there at the moment. However, I am hearing the most incredible sounds and at this moment, I can see 2 birds in the pond drinking and several more in the background. I wish I could see them more clearly.

I do love how the camera pans back and forth slowly, showing us the vista. Beautiful!

(the light seems a bit wonky, too, going lighter and darker, but that may be just shadows, what do I know, heehee)

by the way, this is the link, in case you don't have it from previous posts:
Nancy L 10/10/05 10:53 am I don't think it's raining - the sun appears to be out. There is more water movement because it is more windy today. I wish the camera could focus better.
Marie 10/10/05 11:22 am Shelley, I have a good picture right now.........I am using the realplayer setting.Lots of interesting sights and sounds. Impala drinking a little while ago...nice bird clucking around ...lots of Guinea -fowl running around, I see and shorebirds at the edge of the pond.oooh aah now a wart hog drinking.
Shelley 10/10/05 11:50 am Yes, Marie, I saw those, too! I could just listen all day and be happy! In fact, I think it would make a perfect soundtrack to fall asleep to at night...


Nancy, I thought it was rain also because I thought I heard what sounded like raindrops on water. And on my screen, anyhow, the lighting is a bit iffy so I couldn't really tell if it was sunny or not. I also wish the focus was clearer but still, it's very cool to be able to see this much!
Celeste 10/10/05 12:10 pm At this moment I see a "troop" of Impala....I also love hearing those huge sounding mosquitoes, and enjoying the fact I don't have to worry about being bitten! Picture at this moment is very sharp and I am getting closeup views which are nice. Wish I could identify some of the huge birds you see flying by occasionally.
Shelley 10/10/05 12:12 pm Are those springbok??! No, I just found a pic and apparently, springbok have curvy horns. What I just saw had straight horns.
karen 10/10/05 04:28 pm What is the time difference? I tried the link this morning (east coast ) but had trouble getting it to stay running and also was getting the same dark/light changes I tried again now but it is dark but the sounds are great ....I will try again tomorrow what a great site! Thanks
Tiger 10/10/05 04:46 pm Karen I think you will it is your time plus SIX hours.

Or just use this handy world clock.

The cam is in Botwana which is southern Africa.

cathleen 10/10/05 05:22 pm Hmmm...I have been checking back for the last few days and I'm getting a 36 minute offline video of the "Best of Pete's Pond" because they say they are having technical difficulties. A few days ago it was truly live.

Lots of elephants and birdlife, though, and impala. Saw the warthog drinking. Haven't been able to see the entire 36 minutes. Does seem like it gets dark.

Hope I'm not the only one getting "Live Camera Offline", which is title-imposed on the lower right of my RealPlayer screen!!!
Celeste 10/10/05 05:44 pm I got the same message last night and again tonight. I just assumed because of the time difference, they turn the cam off when it is nighttime there.
Tiger 10/10/05 05:59 pm The camera gets put offline for a variety of reasons including thunderstorms and critters!

There is some technical difficulty which is causing it to be offline just now!

Shelley 10/10/05 07:01 pm Yes, Karen, the cam is 6 hours ahead of us, as Tiger mentioned. I also saw the video but this morning, when I started this thread, it was live
Celeste 10/11/05 05:40 am At 5am this morning, (East Coast time), the cam was still not working, however, now as I type this the cam is up and the area is filled with elephants bathing, drinking, and right now the cam is focused on an elephant breaking limbs to get to foliage on a tree.
karen 10/11/05 08:51 am Ah Celeste the early bird ... I am getting ggod live feed right now ( almost 9 am East Coast ) and the sounds are wonderful but the only activity are birds that look a bit like giant quail! But this is a great site and I will keep checking. Tiger thanks for time info and BTW do you know who/how the camera is moved? is it automatic?
Vicki in S. CA. 10/11/05 09:51 am This is indeed a great site. Watch often and you will see the eight lady ostriches - they carefully come to the shore and drink in unison! Also jackels, elephants, impala, elands, water buck, kudu, warthog, helmeted guinea fowl by the hundreds, there is a croc in that water, saw it at night once, occasional primates, a fish eagle (once), a pair of geese at night, hyenas. Keep it in the background as you work and listen for changes in the sound - the elephants make a lot of noise. Nine hour time difference for me so I see a lot of night time scenes. The site indicates that a volunteer operates the camera although it looks like it may go on automatic pan at some points.
Marie 10/11/05 10:24 am I just got to see an Elephant trudle away and now three Zebra and some? Impala are down drinking.
Off to work I go.........
karen 10/11/05 10:26 am I saw an elephant and Zebra and either impala or Thompson gazelle ... what an amazing thing to sit on LI in my office and watch this! Thanks for the link ....
Madeline 10/11/05 11:35 am Ah...Trundle; to move in a rolling motion. Who else by Marie would come up with such a discriptive word! Amazing all the sights and :(sounds) at the pond. There 2 large birds walking around, does anyone know that ;th;ey are? I don't ;think that they are ostrich> Hard to tell, needs to be closer. Lots of splashing going on under the cam, must be elephants.
Cecilia 10/11/05 12:42 pm Oh, this is bad...I just discovered that I can have two Real Player screens open at the same I can watch the Pandas and the African wildlife together. Right now there are all kinds of weird birds calling and strange huffing noises from Pete's Pond while Mei's baby is conked out on the bamboo debris. Work? Oh my...I'm going to have to go back to it :-(
cathleen 10/11/05 12:54 pm Yay!!! I'm getting live shots (be it ever so dark now!).
Yup, it is bad when you have more than one cam up at a time. I wasn't going to admit to it, but now that Cecilia has "come out", I have to say it is a great break if you have to be working at your computer. I can't fo it when at work - it's just much too busy, but at home I can waste all kinds of time checking out the peregrine chicks, the baby panda, and now the sights and sounds of Africa!!! AND I can have conversations about them with you all!!! Only thing missing is communal food and wine.
Celeste 10/11/05 01:07 pm

Explains how the computer works through a satellite and a router. Very high tech....I think its beamed to Sweden first. See above link. Lots of interesting things to read at the site. It also has charts that tells you what animals you will always see at the pond, and some of the animals that you "might" see.

Check out the blog...(just discovered it) you can write in questions and two researchers who live there will answer your questions. They even mention a huge storm on October 6th...

Check out also "Why Pete's Pond", on the left of that screen which tells you the history of the Pond, there is "species checklist", which tells you what animals can be seen. It's a great site, and I haven't even "begun" to explore it yet, as the cam takes a lot of my attention!
karen 10/11/05 03:18 pm Celeste look at the video clips especially the ostrich it is wonderful .... this sight will get us thru to spring 06 ....
Celeste 10/11/05 06:25 pm The ostrich video was like watching a wind up toy. That is the first time I have seen "baby" ostrich...adorable. Thanks Karen! It certainly will get us through the winter....!
Marie 10/11/05 09:22 pm LOL...........Madeline....
I never even gave the WORD,'' TRUNDLE '' much thought when I wrote it this I know what it means too....LOL thanks Madeline. Does seem to describe well the movement of the elephant I saw this am at Pete's Pond as it wandered off.
Madeline 10/12/05 01:32 am I've found the answer to my question concerning the type of bird I was seeing at The Pond. Knew it wasn't an ostrich. It's called a Kori Bustard. How helpful those Wild Cards are for identifucation.
Celeste 10/12/05 10:49 am Cam seems to be down today:(
Marie 10/12/05 06:28 pm At 12 .25am...dark in AFRICA you wouldn't believe the animals that are at the water hole/pond.The camera moves too quickly to ID all the animals that come and go.I see Elephants and ?? different kinds of "BOK" , antelope. Such a hive of activity day and night.
Celeste 10/12/05 06:52 pm At this moment the cam is down again, however, there is a message next to the cam that the cam has been extended to December 8th because of an increase in their subscriptions to the National Geographic Magazine.....Alas, we will only be "entertained" till early December.....
Marie 10/13/05 01:43 am Well Celeste, maybe the PENGUIN CAM will be up and running in the Antartic..summer down there in December........ ;-))
Africa at this hour is close to 8am and the 'POND' is active and noisy with strange bird sounds....
So many Guineafowl running around.
Night all.
Madeline 10/13/05 03:37 am All's pretty much quiet a The Pond right now 9:30 am. Isaw some bushbucks drinking, and Off in the distanct I think 2 ostriches. While I'm wirting I hear some splashing going on under the cam, I'm going to have to check it out. Of course the birds are chirpping and singing how beautiful
Madeline 10/13/05 03:57 am The elephants are here, and wallowing in thier mud bath whigh they need to protect thier skin from the sun, OOOPPSS. It's a short wallow and drink, must have a busy scheduale this morning. Who knows, maybe they'll be getting peticures after the wallow. hahahahahaha

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