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Thread subject: Panda Cam Update
Name Date Message
Cecilia 10/11/05 12:32 pm Here's a message I just got from the Animal Planet site in response to my email about the missing sound:

"Thanks for your note! Our Animal Planet live cam feeds come directly from the National Zoo, and both the cameras and choice of angles and shots is up
to the zoo staff, as is the audio portion. We're working with them to try and solve the audio problems that have been occurring and hope to get those fixed as soon as possible. Keep trying back, as the staff continue to
make adjustments and changes for best viewing.
Best wishes,

Because one of you posted that you were getting sound on the Smithsonian site I tried it and did get sound once yesterday. Then today it didn't work again but I made an interesting discovery...I clicked on Cam 2 and it has sound :-) So...try both cams if you aren't getting any audio.

Between this and the Africa cam I'm having trouble working again :-)

cathleen 10/11/05 06:13 pm I am getting sound now and then as well.
Right now the cub has figured out how to coordinate his four extremities and is trying his best to walk/crawl. He fell over onto his side, but then was able to right himself and get his "arm" out from under himslef to start trying again. It seems he will be walking by tomorrow the way he is holding himself up right now!

I find myself straining to help him! Whoops, he is resting right now from all that effort...
Madeline 10/11/05 11:53 pm Cecilia, I was going to post that discovery last night. I found it interesting that the one cam had sound. How come none of us had figured that out earlier? That African cam is great. The sounds that come from there are a treat i itself>
Marie 10/12/05 02:01 am Panda cub has just been fed...he has been tucked back in the corner of the nursery and mom lumbers up onto the concrete slab and collapses face down, as though she has just run a marathon.
Sound is great at this hour on Cam 2
Good night all.
Mickey 10/12/05 11:52 am hows about this???
one cub isint cute enough but OMFG this is just awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Kathy 10/12/05 01:00 pm Sooo Cute! Thanks Mickey.
Celeste 10/12/05 05:25 pm Too cute...all different sizes and shapes.
Marie 10/12/05 06:10 pm Sandiego Mom is sitting up cradling her little girl cub while it cute.
Celeste 10/12/05 06:48 pm The Smithsonian Panda was weighed today and they referred to him as "his majesty".....he even walked after the exam!

cathleen 10/12/05 11:01 pm Thanks Mickey! What an incredible group photo! As one commenter said, "Panda-monium!"
The San Diego mom is cuddled up with her little girl right now - very cute. I look forward to seeing the National Zoo cub waddling around - he certainly looked ready last night.
Nancy L 10/12/05 11:52 pm I tuned in to the panda cam just after they returned little boy, and I watched him crawling from room to room. He's really getting the "hang of it" now.
Mickey 10/13/05 02:40 pm He did it today.Monday they announce his name !
Cecilia 10/15/05 08:57 pm Thanks Mickey! I loved that photo of all of the cubs together!!!

Mei's little guy has been active all weekend...wobbling left and right and making alarm sounds. It will be great to finally have a name for him! Aren't we all lucky to know about the cam and have each other to share our comments with!

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