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Thread subject: Botswana
Name Date Message
Nancy L 10/13/05 09:53 am Quite a little sandstorm blowing there this morning (afternoon, there).
Madeline 10/13/05 12:30 pm Thanks for starti;ng a new thread, Nancy. The other wone was growing a bit too long.

I just checked-out the cam and nothing was happening at The Pond. It is 6:28pm there and I'm surprised the pond ;is so empty. I figured there would be a stragglers sooling for a drink,"Last Call"
Celeste 10/13/05 01:57 pm I really didn't see too much today either...and yes you could see the sand blowing and hear the winds. Kept thinking if the sand particles would affect the far the cam is still on. There is a heron standing in the dark on the pond!
Celeste 10/13/05 05:30 pm It's 5:30pm our time East Coast) and I was surprised to see elephants drinking at the pond in the dark! A nice surprise! The Heron was still there. When the camera pans it is pitch black till it reaches the water's edge where the elephants are.
Tim P 10/13/05 11:59 pm At this time a single Giraffe is drinking from the pond, seems nervous. It looks like a lot of work for him to spread his legs wide enough to be able to reach the water.A herd of zebra passing by.
Nancy L 10/14/05 12:04 am I also was watching that giraffe! Terriffic!
Tim P 10/14/05 12:19 am An African Fish Eagle in a tree.
Camera is in a close up shot.
Not on their species list.
What a great looking bird.
Madeline 10/14/05 01:30 am There are a flock of what I believe are Hadeda Ibis walking down a path to the pond. Looked strange to see them do this , but who knows what strange , new and facinationg goings ons happen out there in Africia. By the way 2 Steenbok stopped im for a drink.
Celeste 10/14/05 06:05 am Do you think the camera is manually panned sometimes? Sometimes I think that it is, particularly when there are animals at a particular area of the pond.
karen 10/14/05 09:27 am I also feel that the camera is manually moved sometimes ... and is the Fish Eagle an Osprey? I thought I had read that somehwere once. I visited kenya and Tanzania several years ago before I was interested in birds ... we were in southern Tanzania and the animals were hard to find so our guide ( who I know think was a good birder ) would show us all the birds and tons of Fish Eagles which were quite plentiful. We also watched a heron eat a frog that was really interesting to see ( not easy for the heron )...
Nancy L 10/14/05 09:51 am Thanks, Tim, for identifying the African Fish Eagle for me. It was a beauty, but I never got to see it fly.
Tim P 10/14/05 09:59 am I didn't see it fly from the tree either.
In regard to it being an osprey, All I know is that their diet consists mainly of fish.
Marie 10/14/05 10:23 am Hi eagle is truly AN AFRICAN EAGLE....not an osprey.It eats fish. Great rogram on the TV on Discovery right now that showed 4 fish eagles fighting. Magnificent birds.
It is however the OSPREY that is unfortunately called at times,. a FISH HAWK or a FISH EAGLE....when it is really an OSPREY all the time... ;-) I hope that helps.
Nancy L 10/14/05 03:59 pm Marie - explain to me again what differenciates between an Eagle, Hawk, & Osprey. Thanks.

Only a couple of weeks ago, I found the differences between a butterfly and moth. Butterlies are colorful, moths, drab; but a butterfly's wings fold up straight together on its top (towards the sky, so to speak) and the moth's wings fold down to its sides, one on each side. Right?
Marie 10/14/05 06:14 pm Nancy....All three are RAPTORS however the Osprey is in a class , Avian Class of its own. It is a FISH EATER as well as all the adaptations it has on its feet to secure and clasp the slippery fish. It also dives below the surface of the water ie as much as 3 ft to catch its fish feet first. Completely submerges.....NO other Raptor does that.
Eagles and Hawks don't have the feet adaptations that an osprey has. Likewise eagles will eat other things beside live fish and mammals ...they will scavange on carrion. Whether hawks do that I am not sure, but probably they do. I don't think I have ever seen an Osprey eat carrion, but if it can't fly and cant fish and wants to live who knows what it might eat if it found itself stranded on the ground. Questions I can't answer, but I would imagine they eat dead fish when in Rehab centers while being nursed back to health.
Nancy L 10/14/05 11:16 pm Thanks, Marie

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