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Thread subject: Foul weather in the NE
Name Date Message
Marie 10/13/05 10:23 am To all the Great Folk on Long Island that have lost power and are getting really wet with all that rain I hope things settle real soon and that life returns to normal real fast. Our TV coverage of events in the Long Island, NY area paints a nasty picture. Thinking of YOU ALL.
Anne 10/13/05 11:27 am Oh dear, things sound bad. Is it the tail end of a hurricane? We are desparate for rain here - a lot of reservoir and river levels are well below what they should be.
Nancy L 10/13/05 12:11 pm The eastern half of L.I. has gotten about 7 inches of rain with more expected today & tomorrow. Last night, we went out to eat at a little sea-food place near a canal that goes into the Great South Bay. (In Sayville) Well, the water topped the bulkheading of the canal & flowed right onto the road & on past the restaurant. Luckily when we left it was only about 4-5 inches deep so we could drive through. The waitress was worried about getting out when her shift was over.
Grace 10/13/05 12:37 pm I'm wondering what the impact of this week of strange weather will have on the migration that should be in full swing. Prior to the rain starting, birding here on LI was great. With all the wind and rain and strange fronts moving throught, I wonder where the birds are now. CLearing called for the weekend.
Melanie 10/13/05 09:18 pm I was tlaking to my sister who lives in Massachusetts - they have been under the gun in the same weather system. She lives about a mile away from the Connecticut River - she said that the river actually jumped it's banks and washed out a number of farmers' fields - said at one point there were several thousand pumpkins floating on down the river. While I feel bad for the farmers, I would pay real money to have seen that!
Tim P 10/13/05 10:58 pm Since last Friday I measured 7 1/2 inches in my gauge as of this morning.
I haven̢۪t looked at the gauge tonight as it was pouring rain when I got home from work.
Right now the wind is gusting @ 25 mph,Temp is 60F, this may as well be a tropical storm since its all coming from the Caribbean. Frankly I̢۪m enjoying it, so are my cow and sheep.
In regard to birds I̢۪m not seeing many.
Madeline 10/14/05 12:54 am Melanie, I'm with you on paying good money to have seen several thousand pumpkins floating and bobbing down the river. LOL

Tim. I didn't know you have a cow and how many sheep? E-I-E-I-OOOHHH !!!!
Tim P 10/14/05 10:01 am Madeline: I have 2 cotswold sheep and a Jacob sheep. They just love to be out in the rain grazing.
I got them at 3 months old.
Melanie 10/14/05 10:47 am Tim - I spin! Do you ever get them sheered and if so, what do you do with the fleece? Talk to me, buddy!!! ;-p
Tim P 10/14/05 11:05 am You Spin?
I've been giving my wool away to a sewing co-op
near me.They lost the member who did the spining.
You can certainly have my wool. I sheer them myself. The Jacob Sheep which is new to me is supposed to be the most sought after wool.
The cotswold sheep is very long and curly wool unlike Suffolk Sheep. As you may know my suffolk sheep were killed by dogs this spring, the cotswold are my new buddiessince they are babies
I haven't sheered them yet. At this time the wool is long and very curly. How are we gonna get the wool to you?
Melanie 10/14/05 12:22 pm For two cotswolds and a Jacob, I'll come to you!!! Jacobs are really neat sheep, and as you probably know, sprout TWO sets of horns on top of having a bi-colored fleece. I've been very partial to Romney and Coopworth fleeces which are also long-wools and Rambouilette which is a very soft, short fleece. Every May I go off to a Sheep & Wool festival here in MD (the largest sheep fair east of the Mississippi) and look at the Jacobs and my eyes start to cross................

We WILL talk in the spring.
Madeline 10/14/05 03:11 pm Oh Tim, how horrible to have your sheep killed by dogs. It must have been devestating to see your poor sheep like that. I'm glad to hear that you have gotten some new little friends to help heal the hurt. They also sound so cute. There's Manatuck Farm around the corner from me, and they have sheep and goats, pigs, cows, ponies,pot bellie pigs. I love to walk wit my dog up to see them. One of the goats actually sounds like a human making the sound. It takes me by suprise at times and I look for a human in the area. LOL
Tim P 10/14/05 04:16 pm Madeline I have a pic of them on my site in the around the yard section.
Took another 4 1/2 inches of rain in past 24 hr.s
Madeline 10/15/05 01:00 am Nice pics Tim. I love the ringed neck phesant. The face on shot reminds me of an old time accountant, with a long sleeved white collared shirt and brown vest.
Cecilia 10/15/05 08:48 pm Ahhhh...what a lovely connection....from osprey lovers to sharing sheep's wool :-) can come stay with me (and we'll get Celeste to come too for a pj party) when you pick up Tim's sheep's wool! :-)

In a fact I would love to drive out to Tim's facility to meet his various animals! Let's plan a meeting next spring!
Celeste 10/15/05 11:16 pm Sounds great!
Melanie 10/17/05 09:38 am Woo Hoo!!!!
Tim P 10/18/05 08:29 pm Your all invited at anytime.

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