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Thread subject: Petes Pond
Name Date Message
karen 10/14/05 09:34 am Lots of elephants! and the cam is definately being manaully moved
Nancy L 10/14/05 09:47 am I saw them, Karen. How am I going to get anything else done!!?
karen 10/14/05 02:59 pm Lucky for us there is a time difference .... I check in the Am but then when it is dark there I get a chance to actually work!
Madeline 10/15/05 12:56 am It's 6:50am in Batswana and the are several steenbok having a drink. I can see the elephants behind the trees and shrubs taking thier pick of choice leaves. Nothing else is in the area except for what I can't see but can hear/ I'll have to check in later when activitey picks up.
Celeste 10/15/05 05:15 am AT 11:10am "their" time, a herd of elephants drinking and vocalizing....and loud screeching in the background by a monkey?. The elephants stay in one section of the pond, and as the camera pans there are warthogs, and a few impala walking around. However, there must be "sombody" controlling the camera, because as it moves to different areas of the pond, there is a group of elephants , particularly the babies, putting dirt on their bodies, and the camera pulled in quite close. There is dust flying all over the place! One of the baby elephants notices a heron close to the edge of the pond and became quite curious, and the camera pulled in tight to the baby and the heron! Heron thought best to fly away! Amazing.
Shelley 10/15/05 08:34 am ARGH!!!!! I just saw an ostrich saunter up to the pond, about to have a drink!! And the camera panned away, to the left, following a group of smaller birds as they walked away from the ostrich!! I wanted to watch him!!!!
Shelley 10/15/05 09:50 am OMG!! The past half hour has been incredible!! I've watched a small family (maybe 5 or 6) elephants drinking, having baths, with ostriches right behind them!! The elephants are at it right now, too!!! And great close-ups!!

At one point, the elephants made a weird loud sound, almost sounded like a motorboat!

Oh, how I wish I could capture some of these as pics!!!
Marie 10/15/05 12:10 pm Well, by the time I get up on this Sat am, it is now 6pm in Botzwana, so the BIG GAME have moved off leaving only a few twittering birds. Those guineafowl are so numerous. It will be dark soon if it isn't already as the pic has changed to grey...infrared now I assume. Must have been lovely to see that baby elephants bathing and one curiously looking at the heron. Oh well! Always another day.
Celeste 10/15/05 12:50 pm Marie, Last night 10pm Pete's Pond time, there were a couple of elephants there.....and a Impala, warily drinking water.
Pam 10/15/05 04:42 pm Shelley: just had to answer your heartfelt cry ... of course you can capture the pics. Download AnalogX from It is a really easy programme to use. If you need any help with it you can e-mail me.
Shelley 10/15/05 06:18 pm Sigh...Pam. I just went to have a look at the site. I don't even understand half of the very first paragraph! :-( It's a totally foreign language to me, just gibberish. I honestly can't download anything if I can't read its home page and understand it. What I will do, though, is ask my computer guy friend to have a look and if he says this is something he can explain to me so I can understand and use it, then I will get him to download and install whatever has to be done.

Thanks for trying, though!
Celeste 10/16/05 06:52 pm Took the time to read some of the blogs at Pete's Pond. A couple of times while watching the cam I heard coughing......and I found the answer, and yes the cam is being moved my someone....

"For those who have inquired in recent days about the occasional coughing in the hide... That is Mara, one of our outstanding, dedicated camera operators. Mara had the flu recently, and has been battling back to full health. She and Saskia are the ones who provide you with those spectacula close-ups of animals visiting the watering hole, and make sure that the camera is trained on the action whenever they are there (that is, unless there are 64 elephants in the vicinity, as there were a few mornings ago when Mara was there and I was spot-checking the feed... while we were talking, she admitted, "I have no idea where to move the camera right now.").

I also learned that some of the elephants are collared.....
Shelley 10/16/05 09:20 pm I also heard that coughing and wondered about it! Thanks, Celeste!

I watched those elephants yesterday and again this morning. Today, there were many more of them, some giving each other dust baths while others were having water baths. What an amazing sight!
karen 10/17/05 08:42 am Thanks Celeste for findng that info ...

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