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Thread subject: Oh, sure!!! AFTER I leave Vermont.
Name Date Message
RonS 10/31/05 01:33 pm
Celeste 10/31/05 04:36 pm I think you deserve a second vacation!
Marie 10/31/05 06:51 pm What a neat GULL...........too bad you missed it RON... ;-((
I have never seen one and I am not sure there is a record of that kind of gull ever visiting little ol Victoria. It isn't too far across the Pacific from Japan to Victoria. 9 hrs flying time if you take a jet. How on earth did it get to Vermont...that is soooooooo far away from Japan. Well we hitched a ride on a big wind!
Hopefully you'll get another chance one day.
Madeline 11/01/05 12:36 am Interesting artical Ron, to bad you missed it. To tell you the truth, I love to watch the gulls in the parking lot at work, but I would of never noticed the difference . They seem to vary quite a bit in coloring and size. The only ones I've really noticed the difference in were in Atlantic City. They have black heads and red bills, really cute. So much for my bird watching skills!
Pam 11/01/05 08:12 am Interesting link Ron - a difficult one to spot I would think. Anyone who has tried to identify gulls will know how difficult it is, so many varieties and so many stages of development of colouration. But that one looks distinctive with it black tail and red beak - I'll have to look out for it at RR. I think we tend to overlook how elegant gulls are, always so clean looking too. They spend an awful lot of time preening and I love to watch them. If you haven't seen them before, here is a link to some photos:

and if you follow that back to "my photos" you can find lots more.
Melanie 11/01/05 09:25 am Ron, Come one down to St Mary's county in Southern Maryland - we've got a Kelp Gull that showed up there in 1999 and he's been here ever since. For the past 6 years has been dining regularly at the dumpster behind the Sea Breeze Crabhouse in Sandgates, MD.

FYI, Kelp Gulls are native to the Southern hemisphere and are the only gull commonly found in Antarctica. And we've got one here.
Pam 11/01/05 10:11 am Had to look that one up on the internet Melanie - a beautiful bird but again, junior is so different, all brown feathers rather than the distinctive black and white of the parent. Food must be good at the Sea Breeze :)
Pam 11/01/05 10:28 am And one website leads to another. Found this link...some beautiful pics of birds, including the Kelp Gull in the birds of Peru section.
Pam 11/01/05 10:35 am Check out the Blue Footed Booby in the Galapagos section - he's fabulous.
Marie 11/01/05 11:27 am Oh boy, this is a great BIRD site have been busy searching for new things. Is the Polar bear cam up and running. Must find out.
Madeline 11/01/05 12:39 pm What a great new site! How did you find that Pam? So many places to visit and see the native birds.........THANKS
Pam 11/01/05 03:31 pm Well thanks to Ron, because I had to look for Kelp Gull and I used my favourite to search for pictures, found one and followed the link. There are some super pictures there.

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