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Thread subject: Activity at Kent nest
Name Date Message
Pam 11/02/05 11:29 am Bald eagle nest tidying at Kent cam 2
There was a pair there a minute ago. Thanks Marie !!!!
Pam 11/02/05 01:25 pm I've put a little slide show of the action in my photos at :
Have fun and no comments from the males please !!!
Kathy 11/02/05 01:39 pm Pam I loved the photos and your captions were hysterical. My husband has heard many of the same comments.
RonS 11/02/05 03:42 pm "But Dear, why are you so grouchy? I tried to help and you distinctly told me you'd do it yourself. I didn't want to be in your way so I watched the game."
Melanie 11/02/05 03:52 pm Ron,
Now that's the mark of a wise man!
cathleen 11/02/05 05:22 pm You guys are a riot - thanks for the laugh and the pics!
Celeste 11/02/05 06:03 pm I am hysterical laughing, more so because I just finished doing the same routine before I even saw your photos with my husband! I must add that my husband and I were laughing out loud watching this together. Thanks Pam for the "belly" laugh!!!!
Marie 11/02/05 08:27 pm ha ha ha LOL... that is so funny. I was just rushing off to work this am when something said to me check out Kent eagles and there SHE/eagle was so I posted it on the ORCA LIVE web site. Didn't have time to got to the DPOF this am. Obviously you know where Pam picked up my message. People on Orca live needed something else to watch right now as the whale site is closed for the season and possibly for good. That is really very sad if indeed there are to be no more whales to listen to or watch in the future as it was an awesome web site and right here in BC. Even I have needed a distraction from the whale loss. .......wished I could have been able to stay around this am and watched the eagles but your captions were great PAM. Priceless in fact. Thanks for the good belly laugh.
Madeline 11/02/05 09:52 pm Pam; did you hit the nail right on the head!Everyone of us females have had that exact experience; and Ron,.... I've heard thoses same words out of my husbands mouth. Somebody has to keep you guys on your toes!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the Laugh Pam.
Nancy L 11/03/05 12:24 am Cute, Pam
Cecilia 11/03/05 03:13 pm I haven't checked in for a few days so Celeste gave me a heads up about your eagle slide show Pam...and I got such a laugh. I showed it to my husband too and after we watched it realized that I could get from that album to your other albums so I showed him all those wonderful photos from your last trip. He was enthralled and wants to go to all of those places :-)
Pam 11/03/05 05:43 pm Photographs are for sharing - glad you enjoyed looking at them Cec. I thought I may as well make the whole lot public but they are not copyable. However, if anyone wants a particular shot just let me know. That part of US and Canada is wonderful in September and Cec you are only 3000 miles away not 6000. We love the sea and the mountains, the scenery is breathtaking, miles and miles of it and Vancouver, Seattle and Victoria are beautiful cities and what's more .... we can eat the food and speak the language !
Marie 11/03/05 07:57 pm Maybe we can have another DPOF reunion on the west coast, with several NY'S that like to travel and just love Canada, and Cathy from Seattle, and ME of course. ;-)
It would be such fun. All I need to do is to win a million dollars and buy a big house so that I can entertain you in. Sweet Dreams. One day, one day.
karen 11/04/05 08:42 am Hi Pam I am late getting to this thread but loved your photos! You have a great sense of humor Thanks.

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