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Thread subject: Osprey Sighting Lower Yaphank Lake
Name Date Message
Tom I 11/04/05 07:51 pm Osprey sitting on a branch (leafless) at the dam on Lower Yaphank Lake, Carmans River (Yaphank) - taking in the sun. A red tail hawk was circling nearby.
Marie 11/04/05 11:18 pm Hey...that is late.........but how lucky for you.!
Nancy L 11/04/05 11:59 pm I'm thinking that it's been so warm here this Autumn, that's why some osprey are hanging around so late. ??
Tom I 11/05/05 07:23 am What was really neat was that the osprey was sitting on the branch about 30' right over the road (Yaphank Ave) - so we were able to slow down and get a good look at the bird - feathers were very clean/bright white. Maybe all that rain we had last week cleaned them up? Weather here is still very mild, 60degrees+ (F) day, 50 at night. Probably a northern bird moving south, being so warm it might be on a slower migration south?

The red tail was also interesting, it had a very white underside and little red on the tail region - looking at Sibley it almost seems like a Krider's, but the range is wrong. Maybe a juvenile with a very pale belly band?
Pam 11/05/05 07:50 am It is interesting that here in the UK they are using a red-tailed hawk to get around the fox hunting ban. The hunt takes along a falconer with his hawk. The idea is that the hunt flushes out the fox but the final kill is left to the hawk and not the hounds. However, the falconer freely admits that the hawk may not have a clue about fox-killing and it is all a way of getting around the law.
Nancy L 11/05/05 10:09 am Interesting tidbit, Pam. Is a fox in the size-range for a hawk to take? Keep us abreast of the news.
Marie 11/05/05 12:06 pm The fox is way too big for a would need a Golden eagle for that kind of kill.
The urthorities would see the silliness of that, I am sure unless thy are stupid too.
G Eeagles eat smallish mammals.
RT's eat birds reptiles and insects.
Melanie 11/05/05 12:21 pm Tom,

There are several color variations for Red Tails - some are dark, some are intermediate, some are light, hence the term "Pale Male". He is much lighter than Lola.

I was just looking through Sibley's last night when I was babysitting an extremely intelligent 5 year old who is entranced with Pale Male. They designate 3 color variations on adults.

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