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Thread subject: Pete's Pond
Name Date Message
Nancy L 11/05/05 12:15 am I saw 2 ostriches with 11-12 babies!! My "Wildlife Explorer" book says they can lay 5 to 11 eggs. I'm sure they were ostrich babies because they stayed right by the 2 adults - they were smaller than the Guinea Fowl.
cathleen 11/05/05 03:02 am Elephants - big to really little calves, filing patiently around the pond. Such a different anatomy. A baboon, too. Very neat!
Nancy L 11/05/05 10:05 am By the way, Cathleen, I graduated from college in Geneseo - years ago!
cathleen 11/05/05 06:24 pm Hi Nancy - probably the same "years ago" when I graduated from University of Rochester! And here I am. Where are you now?

I'd love to see the ostriches with chicks - it's still unbelievable to me that we can be watching from halfway around the globe...
Nancy L 11/05/05 11:15 pm I'm here on L.I. - just about 20+ minutes from the DPOF nest. My son lives 5 minutes (via car) from the nest. O.K. I graduated college in1960.
cathleen 11/05/05 11:25 pm True confessions! I graduated 1976 - it seems like just yesterday and yet sometimes long ago. All I know is that time is flying by faster! I'd really love to see the DPOF nest. I sometimes drive out towards Bridgehampton in the summer time... Thunderstorm in Africa right now.
Celeste 11/06/05 07:06 am Hopefully next summer, we will be invited to the Pulestons compound and we will have our "annual" observers meeting as we have been fortunate enough for the past two years. Cathleen, in case you are not can see photos of these meetings under "archived still pictures"--left side of this page...choose "contributed photos".
cathleen 11/06/05 08:46 am Thank you, Celeste, for the link. Looks like a nice crowd, but then, I am already biased . The place is located near Brookhaven?
Nancy L 11/06/05 10:16 am In Brookhaven "village," down at the south shore at the mouth of the Carmens River.
My husband's father's side grew up in Bridgehampton - he still has some relatives living there. We buy our turkey from a relative's farm.
cathleen 11/06/05 11:56 am It's thundering and raining at Pete's Pond right now - I wonder how often they have these thunderstorms and if this is the season for for them.

Nancy - I'd like to buy all my meat from local farmers...
Cecilia 11/06/05 04:12 pm Cathleen...if you make it all the way out to East Hampton you can buy grain fed, free range chickens, geese and ducks from Iacono's Farm on Long Lane. The only bad thing is that once you eat his poultry, supermarket birds smell and taste "off".

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