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Thread subject: Dont forget Tai
Name Date Message
Mickey 11/05/05 03:21 pm November 5: Big Day Out

Upon arriving this morning, keepers discovered Tai Shan outside the den. Both Mei and Tai were out roaming the exhibit spaces independently. After awhile Mei joined Tai and they interacted for a time ΓΆ€” pawing and mouthing one another, rolling, and wandering around the exhibit. Finally Mei maneuvered him back into the den. This is the farthest that Tai Shan has been from the den to date.

Marie 11/05/05 06:37 pm Watch him at least three times a day.....he is gorgeous!
FOB Webmaster 11/05/05 06:44 pm As a member of the National Zoo, I just got a timed ticket to see Tai and Mom on the morning of November 20 at the panda habitat.

They can't promise that we'll get to see him, but at least we get a chance. It will depend on what the mom and cub are doing at the time. I'd be happy to just get a look at his cute face. :-)

cathleen 11/06/05 11:51 am Every time I check on Tai I marvel at how large he is becoming - I bet Mei couldn't pick him up by the scruff of the neck anymore! (Though he is still very cute, and I love their play interactions!)
Pam 11/07/05 07:19 am I just put a little group of captures of Mei on my photos - I'll leave them a couple of days only. She was trying to get into the back area and finally someone slid the door open for her ... run through them quickly to get the effect.
cathleen 11/07/05 03:46 pm I just checked on Tai and he is sleeping peacefully after a morning of hectic activities. Check out what they said happened this morning. Apparently he RAN to catch up with Mei in one of the exhibits where they spent some time, and tumbled over himself, none the worse for wear. She is dragging him around by the neck now since she can't pick him up any more.
Marie 11/07/05 07:39 pm Actually Cathleen I watched Mei last evening pick Tai up cradle him and nurse him, play with him and generally have a whale of a time playing together.Little Tai was kicking and waving his front legs while on his back on mom's tummy. Shw was lying down on her back too. They looked like they were having a lot of fun together at 2am in the morning NY Time. She would squeeze him and bundle him up in her arms and hold him close to her neck. Very touching. She looks like she really is having fun and enjoys this closeness with her baby.
Mickey 11/07/05 08:17 pm I was lucky enough to catch this mornings outing. Tai was out in enclosure #2 ON the rocks!

The blog describes it all. The way he was acting today only means some exciting cub watching for the next 4 months!
cathleen 11/07/05 10:29 pm I guess I meant Mei can't actually carry him from one place to another so easily by the scruff of the neck. But I do love it when she does pick him up in her lap and hugs him or cuddles with him while they are playing together and having fun. I must start trying to get away from my work for a few minutes in the mornings to watch him now that he is getting so active! It's bound to be a riot!
Marie 11/07/05 11:15 pm Tonight on Canadian TV the little cub was featured out in one of the enclosures. He looked every bit as adorable on TV camera as he does on the web cam. I was lucky to catch it.
Marie 11/07/05 11:39 pm
Boy is this little female cub at Sandiego zoo getting around fast on her four little legs. Just watched her go around and around her circular den.
No sign of her mom.
Thanks Pam for sharing your caps. Quite amusing.
Madeline 11/09/05 01:42 pm Too cute for words!!! I just checked in on Tai and Mei and they are just having so much fun with one another.Mouthing and play swatting at each other. A nice play date with son and mother.
cathleen 11/09/05 05:10 pm Sweet li'l Tai looks like a big baby in white diapers and training pants when he is curled up sleeping or crawling around.
Marie 11/10/05 07:58 pm See the latest Blog on how well Tai is doing and how cute he looks. I saw him early this am out in the enclosure and his mom walked right past him. She acknowledged though. He turned to follow her. Guess she finally DRAGGED him back to the den once again. ;-)

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