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Thread subject: Woods Hole nest
Name Date Message
Melanie 11/10/05 11:17 am The cam is still up - and it looks as though an acorn has sprouted and a baby oak tree has sprung up in the middle of the nest.
Pam 11/10/05 12:13 pm Ah ....sweet .... I could bonsai that :)) English oaks are very slow-growing - how about American oaks ?
Melanie 11/10/05 12:32 pm We have so many varieties of oak that I would hardly know - red, white, live, pin, willow....

I get to hate them - oak pollen aggravates my allergies, I am constantly getting bombarded by the acorns (not to mention what it's llike trying to walk on a sidewalk at night that is covered with them) and the ones around me are diseased and the apartment complex sends the tree guy to look at them in November when they can't see how much of the tree is dead. Sorry, my little oak rant.

But it gives the squirrels something to do, so I am constantly pulling up sprouted acorns from my garden. Give me a maple or sycamore any day. At least maples will yield syrup. Oaks just make a mess.
Pam 11/10/05 12:52 pm LOL Melanie !!!! Calm down now please !!!!
Celeste 11/10/05 07:03 pm Though I adore our maples,particularly when they are dressed with their fall colors, right now on Long Island our many oaks so far have survived the long-horned beetle. Many of our beautiful maples have been "killed" by the long-horned beetle that somehow got here on a freighter ship about 5 years ago. My block alone lost 12-15 trees in the past 5 years, all because of this beetle who makes holes in the bark the size of a dime. The only way to destroy this beetle is by cutting down our infected maples and burning them. The squirrels of course love the acorns, and if we see the squirrels frantically burying these acorns we assume it's because they know something about the upcoming winter that we "don't want to know"!!!!:-)
Tim P 11/10/05 07:45 pm Pam: I'm currently growing a Pin Oak that I obtained as a seedling from the Arbor Day foundation. I send them a donation and they send small tress about the size of a pencil.
Iâve had in for ten years and its approaching 9 feet. It was about 6inches long when I got it. My conclusion is they are hideously slow to grow.
I live on the south shore of Long Island near the water and there seem to be a lot less Oaks then on the north shore and in center of the island. My neighborhood has very few Oaks. I am aware of the amount of litter these trees can provide but Iâm willing to put up with it as I continue to make the backyard a wildlife friendly habitat.
Melanie the tree rant was precious, you had me laughing. Thanx. ; )
Marie 11/10/05 07:52 pm Thanks Lisa and Melanie for posting the that sound of flying Canadas. ;-)
Here on the west coast, we have thousands of Snow geese arriving in Vancouver but not Victoria from the high Artic. We may get 6-8 Snow gueese show up in the Victoria area but they seem to prefer Vancouver area. Guess I will try to get over next W/E for the snow goose festival. A few hundred Canadas arrive here but not huge numbers on migration. We have a fairly moderate size resident population of Canadas and that is enough. ;-) Sure great to see them in the air and listen to them flying.
Marie 11/10/05 07:54 pm Guess I put the last message under the wrong thread . DAH!
Melanie 11/10/05 09:33 pm Tim,
You have to know that the night before I was at a friends who lives WAY back near the head of a creek and it is VERY dark there at night - the kind of dark that seems to swallow up any light you shine, no matter how bright. I came out of her house and all I heard was "plonk", "plonk", "plonk", and as I was slipping on one acorn, got "plonked" on the head. This was all in nearly complete darkness - scared the living something (certainly not the daylights) out of me. Then driving down the road and hearing "pop" "pop" "pop" while the car was getting bombarded was a real treat!
Madeline 11/10/05 11:47 pm Shame on you Marie, what could you've been thinking of? LOL

Oak trees, Maple trees, either one of them can be quite messy. But I think the maple takes the cake on messy. We had a hugh beautiful maple tree in our front yard until last year about this time. We had the tree pruned of dead branches 2 years previous in hopes of saving it, but alas, during a very windy rain storm it gave out and came crashing to the ground. Thank God it fell sideways onto to the front lawn and not on the house. Well the point of the story is that now we don't have hundreds of pollynoses all over the cars, roof and driveway, and eventually into the the house. It was beautiful in it's PRIME though. As to the Oak , the squirells are still having a feast. The down side is that they keep on FORGETTING where they have buired their previous stash nomattter how many post-it notes they put up!!!!

Like all things worth having, you have to take the good with the bad.
Melanie 11/11/05 11:00 am I LOVE that commercial. Definitely one of the more clever things that has come out of an advertising agency - that and the baby elephant dancing to "Singing in the Rain".

My neighbor has taken to augmenting the acorns with peanuts that he personally hands out to each squirrel who comes to his porch. I find those in my patio garden, too. And considering they are supposed to be roasted, I have actually had a couple of those sprout, too. Never saw a peanut plant before until I pulled up the leaves and the root ran across the whole length of the window box.

Now that the cooler weather is setting in and it's time to take in many of the plants, it will be interesting to see what little treasures will sprout up in the warm house this winter.
Marie 11/11/05 01:04 pm AH Melanie.........heavens knows what I was thinking about other than trying to read everything at once and trying to think of too much to say all at the same time. I need to slow down I guess.
Your interest in the small things of Nature is quite delightful. It is interesting to know Man has many ways to be creative when it comes to inviting little creatures to participate in ''Close-encounters with mankind'. I sit here watching a male hummingbird dart from one side of the balcony to the other not knowing which feeder to sip from first. Perhaps he is covering HIS territory the best way he knows. I have only seen another little female ever come to take a drink. Rarely is she successful. Why he can't share his wealth is beyond me. Hummer Males are so aggressive.
Out front, on the grey, bay water( it is raining again) the male Bufflehead ducks are showing off to the females while they flock together in a smallish raft of diving birds.
Guess I will go off ''Singing in the Rain'' today for some much needed fresh air and commune with Nature.
Marie 11/11/05 01:06 pm Whoops did it was Madeline. So sorry.
Melanie and Madeline are going to confuse me when they post one after the other........DAH!
Madeline 11/12/05 02:59 am That's OK Marie, it isn't the first time our names have been mixed up. Doesn't matter whether we're on the same post or not.
ALL IS FORGEVEN........( but don't let it happen again) LOL
Marie 11/12/05 09:15 am ;-) Madeline

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