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Thread subject: Tai Trying to Climb
Name Date Message
FOB Webmaster 11/12/05 04:14 pm Don't know if anyone missed Tai Shan trying to climb today. He was trying to climb up on the rocks and onto a table, all by himself. He didn't make it, but you can see his climbing instincts are kicking in. He'll be in the trees before long.

I have a couple cute photos posted:

By the way, if anyone didn't hear, the Zoo said that on December 10 from 8 to 9pm, the cable channel Animal Planet will air a behind-the-scenes special on the birth of Tai Shan. They said to stay tuned to the websites for any further news. I'm assuming that's Eastern time.
Celeste 11/12/05 04:25 pm Thank you Lisa, though I am a channel surfer, I am an Animal Planet "addict"....programming the VCR right after this. The photos are adorable. Thanks!
Madeline 11/12/05 06:39 pm Thanks Lisa for capturing those pictures. He is a cutie, and a typical boy.

Like Celeste, I'm an Animal Planet Junky and look forward to watching it. I will mark my calander, cause I can't program my VCR. !
Marie 11/12/05 07:06 pm This morning before I headed out for work I saw the most endearing behaviour. Tai was outside in an enclosure where he found a bale of hay. He would sniff it , nuzzle it, roll in it where he had losen a number of strands. He flicked it up and around himself and lay on his back playing with strands with all fours. It was so amusing...finally all this activity wore him out so he fell asleep in lots of hay on the ground. I have no idea if Mom found him soon after and dragged him back to the den.
Nancy L 11/12/05 11:10 pm Yes, Marie, I must have started watching just when you left. His Mom was looking all over for him, then found him & grabbed him by his scruff & dragged him back to the den where she proceded to wash him all over.
cathleen 11/13/05 09:34 am Yes, I saw Tai trying to climb the rocks yesterday after playing with his Mom. Now, he is very busy chewing on each of his back feet. He is fascinating to watch now that he is so active and so curious. What a cutie.
Anne 11/13/05 11:17 am I just caught him play-fighting with Mom, climbing all over her and biting and she pushed him off quite roughly.
Celeste 11/13/05 01:35 pm At this moment Mom is sitting upright in the corner craddling Tai like an infant, play chewing and sometimes I think she is kissing him!!!!
Marie 11/13/05 07:08 pm He has started to climb right up on those roocks about 30mins ago. Mom had to pull him off and drag him back to the den. She nursed him for a few minutes and he is off out into another enclosure by himself while mom lies down in the den. He could get his little self into trouble now when mom is her TROUBLES begin. He is like a toddler. One has to watch him all the time while he explores. He is adorable to watch...
Marie 11/13/05 07:28 pm Big mommy lies fast asleep in the sign of the little Tai....he went outside into one of the enclosure. Hopefully he doesn't get himself into trouble especially now that he is climbing on things. Hopefully the Zoo staff are watching him somewhere. I am getting worried about him.
Always a mother here...;-)
FOB Webmaster 11/13/05 09:08 pm Cool that he's climbing! I can't wait to see him up in a tree. I saw some old photos of Hua Mei (from the San Diego Zoo) when she was first climbing, and it was so adorable to see her high on a branch looking down on Momma. I also saw a photo where she was dangling in the air, with only two paws hanging on. Too cute.

I just checked both zoo cams, and Tai and Mom are not visible. Maybe she went to find him.
cathleen 11/13/05 09:39 pm Tai and Mom are now in a small enclosure playing with each other. They're lying side by side, facing each other. He's swatting and kicking her face and she's nuzzling his belly and neck. I wonder how she avoids those sharp little claws in her face!! Yikes, now she has his face in her mouth while he squirms!! Too funny -- what a Mom...
cathleen 11/13/05 09:51 pm This is too funny --- he's trying to climb onto her back. He had his front paws up over her back and his little legs are trying to push himself up, and she was being the patient, encouraging Mom.
Marie 11/13/05 10:06 pm and now she has Corralled him into the top end of the little den so that he can't escape. Her whole body lies across the width of the den. She has him penned just like a good Mom.

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