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Thread subject: Field Trip
Name Date Message
Tim P 11/14/05 12:03 am New photos from the fall field trips.
Celeste 11/14/05 05:39 am Once again, Tim, great photos.....I think the osprey "pose" for you!
Pam 11/14/05 07:27 am Great pics Tim. I like "Murder of crows" and just noticed the fish tail. Are these two different birds then - one on nest (more mature) and one on post (young bird) ???
Marie 11/14/05 09:25 am Thanks for sharing Tim...always good to see the BIRDS. I would hope all the ospreys in this area have long gone. Too much wind and rain of late would make lingering in the Pacific north west a rather wet affair.
Tim P 11/14/05 08:22 pm Pam: Yes two they are different birds.
Marie: My last sighting of Osprey was October 1st
Now I'm in the woods crawling around on my belly.
Went crazy last month with warblers which were followed by tons of sparrows:
Chipping Sparrow
Field Sparrow
Fox Sparrow
Song Sparrow
Swamp Sparrow
White-throated Sparrow
White-crowned Sparrow

The sparrrows are now moving along and the Juncos are moving in.
Currently Nuthatches, Brown Creepers & Kinglets (Golden-crowned & Ruby-crowned) are in my area.
All of which are very hard to Photograph as they rarely venture away from the brush.
Marie 11/14/05 09:38 pm those Kinglets I agree are very difficult to photograph. We get all those sparrows except the Field Sparrow. I must look that one up. Do you get Golden Crowned Sparrows or Savannah Sp? Occasionally we get the American Tree Sparrow, Lark and Harris's on migration as well as very rare visits from Brewers, Sage and Black-throated. even a Grasshopper sparrow has dropped by in Oct or November in the past. You just never know what you might see especially if you are down on all fours crawling through the woods..... ;-)
Madeline 11/15/05 01:02 am Nice Pictures Tim. I love having the fall birds at my feeder. Black-Capped Chickadees are my favorite, since they are so people friendly, or should I say people tolerant. Same goes for the Nuthatcher, with that great zeeeeeeee sound. If I walk slowly and without my dog running around the backyard, The Downey Woodpeckers will continue at the suet feeder. The cuttest of them all is the Grey Tufted Titmouse with those hugh black eyes. Unfortunately they are not people tolerant. They're all so beautiful, including all the sparrows, finches, warblers that I can't tell apart even though I do try hard looking at my bird books. Lots of good they do along with my binoculars. It doesn't matter, as long as it brings joy to my hear.

To bad there isn't anyone taking pictures of the photographer crawling around on all fours. Now that would be interesting!!!

Thanks for the pics
cathy 11/15/05 08:02 am What a handsome osprey! It looks about perfect. I thought the photo of the rabbit (?) eyeing the hawk was an interesting idea. Photographing instinctive fears!
Tim P 11/15/05 03:08 pm Savannah sparrows are in the crowds but in fewer numbers Marie.I did see one Dickcissel.
The amazing thing was one day there were none , then overnight there were hundreds everywhere.
All types of sparrows intermingled.Now they have moved on.
White-breasted Nuthatches are more common then the Red-breasted for me. I too can find these birds at the suet feeder Madeline but if you notice I try not to include any man made objects in my pictures other then Osprey stands and cell towers.
I prefer to skip the photo of the bird on the feeder,
I think the pictures are much nicer taken in the natural habitat.Thats just my preference though.
In regard to Finches I have seen very few House & Purple Finches in the past years also missing from my area are Grosbeaks.

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