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Thread subject: Message for Anyone in the UK
Name Date Message
Anne 11/14/05 03:15 pm There is a programme on the return of the Eagle Owl to the UK presented by Roy Dennis on BBC2 on Wed at 8pm.

I wonder if this bird (Bubo bubo) is the same species as the Horned Owl in the US.
Marie 11/14/05 04:50 pm Hi Anne.....This is what I found in my Taxonomy bird book of the world.The Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo) is a different sub-species to that of the Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus) in North America. There is a long list of Latin words for owl in this book. No wonder the Latin is so confusing for the average person.
Anne 11/14/05 05:46 pm Thanks Marie. I would love a complete guide to the birds of the world, although I believe there are circa 9000 species. There was an American lady who had seen over 8000 of them when she died. There is also a guy on Long Island who is catching up on her record. Cant remember his name - he was featured in one of the Sunday supplements recently.

Anyway I am excited about Bubo bubo in the UK. There have been rumours about them breeding in Yorkshire for some time - now it's official.
Pam 11/15/05 06:15 am Thanks Anne - should be an interesting programme, particularly with Roy Dennis who has been so involved in the osprey project at Rutland Water - may have to video it because we may be out.
Pam 11/16/05 04:17 pm Well we didn't go out after all and I watched - terrific programme with amazing close-ups of the birds. With all those rabbits about I don't think the RSPB's objections to the bird living in this country are very valid. After all, we introduced mixamotosis (sp) to get rid of all the rabbits a number of years ago. To say that they are worried about the birds ultimately having to live off protected and nurtured species of birds such as corncrakes, merlins, etc. and even domestic cats and dogs if the rabbit population is wiped out for any reason seems a ludicrous proposition and in any case there are a few cats that I would not mind seeing the back of. They sit in the shrubs in the garden and will take any bird they can get hold of. I think it is a pity in some ways that attention has been drawn to these birds, better they were left alone to breed unhindered. I wonder now if they will be decimated by the attentions of egg collectors as the osprey was. How different the attitude in Sweden where they are actively encouraging the establishment of the birds. What do you think Anne ?

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