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Thread subject: Momma's still got the upper paw
Name Date Message
Melanie 11/15/05 10:40 am I just tuned in to see her dragging Tai across the floor and she defintely has him by the naoe of the neck. When she got to the door, instead of dragging him over the track, she wrapped a front paw around his chest and LIFTED him up just enough to get him over the hump. They are now in the den and he is on his back, feet splayed out in 4 different directions and now Mei is doing the same thing. Must be nap time!
FOB Webmaster 11/15/05 11:24 am Yesterday afternoon, Tai was doing his best to not let momma pick him up. She kept coming over to him at the rocks to grab him, but every time she did, he'd roll onto his back and wave his paws, so it was harder to pick him up.

It was funny to watch -- he was like a little kid who wouldn't come out of the pool.
Melanie 11/15/05 11:33 am Yup. Kind of like when they do that "limp rag doll" routine - it's like trying to pick up Jello.
Marie 11/15/05 12:59 pm well our Little Tai has explored all around his many dens. He has tried to climb the low platform where his Mom stretches out and naps, to no avail. He has fallen sideways and backwards in his attempts. It is quite comical and now he has crashed on the floor somewhere and is napping. He found something hanging from the wall which he liked to move under. A stainless steel bin affair which wasn't attached to the floor. It may have felt good as a rubbing area or could he have found it difficult to return beneath this object . He actually retrieved himself from the tight corner by returning a differnt way. He is obviously using his mind and working things out and not crying for Mommy, to help him. Amazing at 4 months of age how interested he is in exploring his new world.
Celeste 11/16/05 08:43 am This morning, after a lot of hard work Tai managed to climb on top of rock! Now he is trying to figure out how to get down....too cute. Prior to all this hard work, he was on his back discovering his feet.... in the same way that "human" babies do! This is too addictive!
Cecilia 11/16/05 12:53 pm Ahhh...I missed the rock climb. I'm watching him chew on bamboo now...not eating but certainly practicing. Mom is sleeping on the den platform but I think she's got one eye open just in case he heads out the door :-)
Melanie 11/16/05 03:24 pm I was just skimmng through the Washington Post's Reliable Source column which is a gossipy celebrity sighting thing - someone basically said "Who cares - I would rather watch Tai chew on his toes. MUCH cuter"
Cecilia 11/16/05 05:16 pm I was just waching Tai napping, next to mom's platform, when a mouse wandered along side the box, turned toward him, took one look and scurrried off towards the iron wall and out of sight :-) I guess mice are probably a constant problem in zoos because of all of the food around.
Marie 11/16/05 05:46 pm LOL.......that was something to see Cecilia...fancy that ..A mouse. The nerve of it ...luckily it got away this time for Pandas are vegetarians. It won't be so lucky if it shows up in the tiger exhibit.
Melanie 11/16/05 07:57 pm For a while they had a BIG rodent problem at the Nat Zoo. And for whatever reason, they put out poison. They soon found some of the other small animals dead of it. Apparently it got transported and dropped off by the rats.
FOB Webmaster 11/16/05 08:28 pm Yeah, the Nat Zoo had a rough patch with some questionable animal deaths. They seem to have new people on board now, and hopefully the future will be less controversial.

Obviously the pandas are well taken care of. Althought I keep missing the feet chewing by Tai. I guess I just have to watch more often! :-)
cathleen 11/16/05 11:18 pm I have missed the rock climbing but caught some of the feet chewing - he's so curious and persistent. I must keep tuned - I think this weill be a most interesting time to keep track of his development!!! I wonder what Mom would say to us if she could talk!
FOB Webmaster 11/17/05 07:40 am One of the cam watchers from my site sent me two cute photos showing Tai and Mom both looking for something up high.

Like mother, like son. :-)
cathleen 11/17/05 08:55 am Thanks! Very funny couple of captures! What a riot.
Kathy 11/17/05 09:04 am I'm missing all the action! I'll have to watch more often too. Great photos, very cute. Thanks Lisa.
Melanie 11/17/05 10:13 am Be careful Kathy- it's very addicting. Soon you'll be repeating the mantra "I have a Panda problem,,,,I have a Panda problem......."

Until our birds return in march, at any rate ;-P
Marie 11/17/05 10:16 pm The interesting thing about those pics is the real contrast in size of Mom and the tiny one. One can see how small he really is when Mom is in the picture as well for comparison.
Thanks Lisa for posting these. Most enjoyable.

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