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Thread subject: March of the Penguins
Name Date Message
Anne 11/16/05 10:31 am This film is opening in the UK soon - cant wait to see it. The same team made another docu-film called 'Winged Migration' a few years ago. It was excellent and I have just ordered the dvd.

By the way, if anyone is interested in Jane Austin, I can recommend 'Pride and Prejudice' which has just opened in the US. The US version has been given an ending which is not exactly true to the book, to satisfy the focus group findings there. But I dont think that will matter.
FOB Webmaster 11/16/05 11:42 am I've seen "March of the Penguins" three times (with three different family members!). It's excellent.

I had read that the original French version had voiceovers for the main penguins and also love songs, but it was removed from the US film at the request of Warner Bros. I think that was a good call.

It's a general audience movie, but there are a few sad scenes with deceased chicks. Otherwise it's funny and inspiring. Although to be honest, it's hard to believe that nature thinks this is the best place for these birds. It's one of the hardest existences known in the animal kingdom. These are tough birds.

Thanks for the "Pride and Prejudice" plug. "Sense and Sensibility" (with Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet) is one of my all-time favorite films, so I was thinking about seeing P&P.
Cecilia 11/16/05 05:21 pm I still haven't seen it and now I'm afraid it isn't in any theaters. I know I'll be able to rent it eventually but it is probably best on a big screen.

A friend saw P & P and loved I want to see that, (thanks Anne) and now I will rent Sense & Sensibility (thanks Lisa).
Marie 11/16/05 05:42 pm I have seen The March of the Penguins X 1...I hope to see it again soon. Truly a lovely movie with mostly two tones of colour, Blue and White..;-)
Where-as I have seen Winged Migration x 6...simply a wonderful movie on the birds and their difficulties during migration. I have the DVD and the CD.
Melanie 11/16/05 08:06 pm I saw it this summer with family - it was 98 degrees outside with matching humidity. So coooooooool
cathleen 11/16/05 11:22 pm As much as I like Morgan Freeman, I did not care for the narration, but was incredibly moved by the footage of March of the Penguins. And I was stunned by the endurance of the filmmakers to the task. I'm sure they had a comfortable place to which they retreated, but
Nancy L 11/16/05 11:24 pm I've seen both & took my 2 granddaughters (ages 6 & 7) to see Penguins in the summer.
Celeste 11/17/05 06:32 am You can reserve the March of the Penguins DVD on for $ will be available November 29th.
Kathy 11/17/05 09:07 am Thanks Celeste. Going to reserve my copy now.
Cecilia 11/20/05 08:10 pm Me too! Thanks Celeste.

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