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Thread subject: I have a Panda problem...I have a Panda problem...
Name Date Message
cathleen 11/17/05 12:48 pm Mei and Tai are roughhousing. She's holding him on her chest while he is squirming and they are biting each other. Now he is kicking at her head. And now he's nursing.
EEK. Not much work done in the past half hour...
FOB Webmaster 11/17/05 12:55 pm I see the zoo website got back up. According to the new post, Tai Shan managed to pull himself onto a ledge.

Interesting that they said it was hard to find toys for both big and little pandas. I had wondered why they didn't give Tai Shan some toys, so he wouldn't have to chew on the bars and floor fixtures. But they said momma chewed off bits of the rubber toy they put in, so they took it out.
Madeline 11/18/05 12:25 am Thank goodness the cams back up[. I thought they were going to make me download something new in order to view Mei and Tai. I saw Mei standing up and looking through the window in the door. She was very insistant about looking out of it as though Tai was on the other side. But lo and behold, he was sleeping in ;the doorway of his den.

I looked at the pictures your cam viewer captured Lisa, and it was just what I described. Wonder what was on the other side?
Anne 11/18/05 05:54 am Tai very active this morning and kept going out the den. At 5.58am Mei reluctantly stood up and went after him. We've all been there Mei!
FOB Webmaster 11/18/05 07:36 am Madeline, I wondered if the zookeepers had a room behind that window Mei was looking through. Maybe they pass her treats through the opening. Either that or the window looks out onto the outdoor panda area.

Regarding the website, I read in the Wash. Post that starting Nov. 21, the public will have a chance to start reserving tickets via the zoo website to see Tai Shan. They might have been preparing the website for the onslaught of visitors trying to get tickets. It's going to be a madhouse. :-)
cathleen 11/18/05 08:00 am Wow, I can't imagine the website traffic. We'll be competing for bandwidth to feed our panda video addiction! I think it was Marie who said she has tix to see little Tai.

Also, on the site, they said they have floor plans available on line to clarify where Tai and Mom are in relation to den areas. I bet Mei saw zoo personnel through the window...
FOB Webmaster 11/18/05 08:33 am I have a ticket for this Sunday at 11:10am to see Tai.

I'm trying not to get too excited, because I suspect he could be napping in the den. But I didn't want to compete with the big crowds trying to get public tickets, so I joined the FONZ and got an early ticket.

If I get to see anything, I'll be sure to let you all know. I might come back with Tai photos, or I might come back with only a stuffed panda from the gift shop. haha
cathleen 11/18/05 11:09 am Woohoo! I am excited you are going, but I know what you mean about trying to keep anticipation to a minimum. With all of us eager to hear about your trip, I hope that will influence the powers that be to give you a real treat (AND a stuffed panda)!
Melanie 11/18/05 12:04 pm Those stuffed pandas are sooooooo soft!
Celeste 11/18/05 12:53 pm Good Luck Lisa.....hope Tai does EVERTHING for you!
Mickey 11/19/05 06:53 pm the window Mom stands up and sticks her head semi in is part of her training and its where she gets treats.
Today was a very active Day.(Saturday) Tai was playing with Mom so much.They even posted obs on the zoo site saying Tai was using her like a jungle gym. Its a dead on ob. Later on today he was running so fast behind her, he ran into her,got up,shook off,and went after her again. Each day he gets stronger and stronger and Mei will have no where to hide!
Im Mickey,
And Im a DPOF Osprey cam addict
Im feeling guilty that My addiction has now worsened to the DC panda cam :)
Pam 11/20/05 07:23 am LOL - don't worry Mickey - there are lots of worse things to be addicted to !

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