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Thread subject: Polar Bears in Trouble
Name Date Message
Anne 11/19/05 07:17 am Apologies if this topic has been raised before. I caught something on the news last night to the effect that Hudson Bay has not frozen over yet (should have happened a month ago) and the polar bears are starving because they cant get to their feeding grounds over the ice.

Have you any news on this subject Marie?
Pam 11/19/05 07:41 am Anne - I'm sure Marie won't mind me posting this link .....she will still be having her Saturday morning snooze !
Anne 11/19/05 09:43 am Oh dear - it's worse than I thought. Polar bears reduced to eating seaweed.

I read an article the other week that predicted that the crisis brought about by global warming will coincide with a worldwide shortage of gas, oil and fresh water, in about 20-50 years time. Economies will crash, wars will be declared - and a new dark age will descend across the whole world. Mother Earth will have her revenge.

It is so frightening - our poor children.
Celeste 11/19/05 02:15 pm It is depressing, and so out of control....
Marie 11/19/05 11:43 pm LOL Pam....I was at work and playing NURSE not sleeping in this am ;-)....but TOMORROW I most certainly plan on staying asleep to at least 8.30am. It will be my ONLY DAY OFF for the next 6.
Thanks for the most interesting article on the Polar Bears, Pam. I was somewhat aware of their plight but not to this extent Anne. How much our furry/feathered friends are suffering due to global changes. It is depressing to think of the future for our children's children.
soholinda 11/23/05 01:11 am

The above is a link to my website. I was in Churchill, Canada photographing young males wrestling. More pics will be posted in the next month.
Madeline 11/23/05 03:43 am Nice picture show soholinda. I guess after a good wrestling match the winner needs a well deserved nap.

All of the pictures in that gallary group are beautiful. Thanks for sharing
Pam 11/23/05 07:43 am I really enjoyed the slideshow soholinda - beautiful photography. I loved the expression of enjoyment on the bears faces - after all, apart from finding the next meal life must get a bit boring for them, so why not put on a show for the spectators.
Pam 11/23/05 07:49 am I forgot to ask soholinda - in your Alaska photos you showed a sealion with a big X362 mark on its butt - did you get any information about such brandings at the time from anyone? I would be interested to know because I saw a sealion with a similar branding at Race Rocks and am wondering who does this and if there is any record of tracking their movements anywhere?
Pam 11/23/05 08:02 am OK - I have answered my own question now after a little research on the nest. Seems your branded sea lion comes from the Sugarloaf Island area. See
I'm looking forward to reading more about this later today when I have more time.
soholinda 11/24/05 12:12 am Thanks for the kind words, Madeline and Pam.

I think global warming, although it exists, is overstated in the press. It is a cycle that we are currently going thru very much like the cycle in the 30's or 40's. I forget which decade. As the earth moves away from the ice age, it naturally gets warmer. As to the polar bears, they are healthy and multiplying. The Hudson Bay never freezes until December give or take a week. In fact, this past year they had a longer feeding season due to the fact that it was a cold spring and the ice melted a little later.
Pam 11/24/05 03:22 pm Well, I hate to disagree Soholinda. In spite of alarmism in the press, the vastly increased rate of global warming over the past 10-20 years is a fact which cannot be denied. We all know the earth has been through floods, droughts, ice-ages before but this time we are responsible to a large extent and we CAN do something to slow the rate down at least. Some things we cannot control, e.g. if Yellowstone blows up it will spell disaster for the whole world - that we can do nothing about but we can control emission of greenhouse gases, turn to alternative forms of energy. stop cutting down trees, stop polluting the seas (to say nothing of population control). By the way, I have now found out that the sea lion at Race Rocks #935 was branded at Shilshole Bay near Seattle on June 4, 2004 and is one of about 1,000 sea lions being studied with regard to disease, distribution and movements, food habits and fisheries interactions. Very interesting !

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