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Thread subject: Happy Thanksgiving!
Name Date Message
Celeste 11/23/05 09:48 am For those of us that are celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, have a happy and safe holiday, whether your "going over the river and through the woods", or staying at home!
RonS 11/23/05 11:26 am Indeed, a very Happy Bird-day to all; safe, enjoyable and mildly over-indulgent :-))
Madeline 11/23/05 03:58 pm HAPPY THANKSGIVING , Celeste, RonS and to all our extended family of Feather Heads.
Hope each and everyone one of you enjoy all the good eats, the friends and family, your pets and all of natures creatures. Gobble-gobble-gobble
Shelley 11/23/05 07:38 pm Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans amongst us who are celebrating.

Our Thanksgiving (in Canada) was in October. A question: does Great Britain have an equivalent holiday celebration?

(if I asked this last year -- and if anyone answered me-- please fogive me. My mind is like a sieve these days. Well, ok, most days...)
Marie 11/23/05 08:44 pm Harvest Festival is the equivalent in England but it isn't an excuse to Celebrate with a public holiday that I can remember. It is Celebrated at the end of September I believe.
Anyway a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving to all our American Friends... ;-)
Lori 11/23/05 09:26 pm Many Thanksgiving Blessings to you all! Eat well & Enjoy. Lori
Tim P 11/23/05 10:08 pm Happy Cold Thanksgiving !
currently 25 degrees ........
Madeline 11/24/05 12:27 am What; no barometric presure and wind speed? You're slipping Tim. LOL
Madeline 11/24/05 12:30 am What; no barometric presure and wind speed? You're slipping Tim. LOL
Madeline 11/24/05 12:31 am Sorry about the echo in here.
Anne 11/24/05 10:59 am Is that 25F Tim?

We in England dont really have an equivalent to Thanksgiving. Churches still do Harvest festivals where everyone takes fruit, vegetables and flowers for the poor, but not many people go to church nowadays. We dont have a national day either but we make up for it at Christmas and New Year with parties, feasts, presents, holidays etc.

Anyway , hope all our American friends have a lovely Thanksgiving day and Dinner.
Nancy L 11/24/05 11:15 am We purchased 2 - 17 lb. turkeys at our relative's farm in Bridgehampton, I made the apple stuffing & delivered all to our son's house in Bellport (right next to Brookhaven.) I made 3 pies: apple, pumpkin, & mincemeat, and also my "famous" cranberry-holiday salad. Now we pick up my cousin & go to son's house to join 27 other family members for our feast (next to Mott's Creek.) Our younger daughter flew out to California to spend the holiday with our younger son & family.
Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving Day!
rick s. 11/24/05 01:28 pm Happy Thanksgiving to all our U. S. friends!
Pam 11/24/05 03:02 pm Wishing a very Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in America. Have a wonderful day.
Kathy 11/24/05 06:06 pm Happy Thanksgiving everyone hope yours was as wonderful as mine. My daughter's birthday was today also so we had two things to celebrate.
She turned 29 and thinks she is old. LOL Wish I could be 29 again.
Tim P 11/24/05 11:15 pm yes Ann Farenheit. It's 28 tonight. Wind chill is 16.
Down right cold, last Thanksgiving it was a balmy 61F
Madeline 11/25/05 01:10 am Burrrrr!!!! Now that's more like it Tim. Are you sure that's the correct wind chill temp? It' feels a lot colder than that. Maybe I'm just a little spoiled with the warmer temps we've been having. I know it's going to get colder out soon, cause the squirrels are stocking up not only acorns, but also on all my white stones under the bird bath. My husband saw the squirrels licking them, then taking it behind the pool. What's up with that?

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving; and Kathy, you had something even more to be thankful about. I remember when I thought someone 29 yrs old, was OLD.

My stomach is finially starting to feel a bit more comfortable now, thank goodness. Too much food, but loved every bit of it. I think Nancy's family feels the same way too.

Thanks to all the well wishes from our friends in the UK and Canada.
Mickey 11/26/05 08:09 pm happy turkey day folks :)

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