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Thread subject: Oh where could my little Tai be?
Name Date Message
Madeline 11/23/05 03:31 pm Mei has been looking for the little Tai in all the corners of the habitat. Finially she has found him, hiding in a dark corner of what apeared to be a hall way. Grabbing him by the scruff of his neck and dragging him back to thier den for a good licking and some rough and tumble play. I tink mom wants to feed him, by Tai has a different agenda. Boys will be boy!
Melanie 11/23/05 04:10 pm He's been going down there quite a bit today - Momma has made any number of attempts to lure him out of that dead end, but he keeps going back down there.

For a while I though maybe he had to take a time out because just prior to that he was chasing momma around and she actually turned around and "cuffed" him once.
Madeline 11/25/05 03:29 am It's 3:04 am and little Tai is trying his best to wake mom up to play with him. He's crawling and climbing all over her and sh'e just ignoring him. Spoke to soon; she's just changing positions now, but no way is she going to play at this early hour.He'll just have to do with playing with the hay. Here comes mom, if I didn't know any better, you'd think she was changing his diaper, while he/s just fasinated with his hands and hay. Maybe I'm the one who's up too late, and this is thier time to be up and aboutl Tai has slowly inched his was out of the then, with mom close behind.

As they say in the entertainment business
" Elvis has left the building"
Madeline 11/26/05 03:56 pm I noticed on cam 1, Peaceful Mountain is sleeping down in that dark little alcove. Maybe he feels more secure with a little bit more privacy. Mei is pacing around the out door inclosure looking restless.The keepers must have placed some vegies on the rocks. Looks like she holding a carrot in her paw and it sounds very crunchy. Time for some bamboo now, and I see she is sitting right above and looking down on Tai. I asume the alcove is where the keepers have access to the exhibit with some security aspect.
Madeline 11/26/05 04:03 pm Out in the wild, pandas are virtualy eating pooping machines. Bamboo has very little nutrition in it so they eat in mass quantaties and of course eliminate in mass quantaties also.

Just thought I'd give you that little tibit of information.LOL
Marie 11/26/05 04:36 pm LOL..great info Madeline .Little Panda Cub has been really exploring lately and climbing to the top of his mountain in the enclosure with several nose-dives into the hay when he tumbles off the last step. Probably seems like a mountain for him to climb when it is effortless for Mother. Very funny to watch . I have observed him and mom play together in the the wee small hours of NY night. Amazingly enough with so little noise between them except when things get rough for Tai shun. He will yelp then.

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