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Thread subject: A few Elk St. Photos
Name Date Message
Pam 11/27/05 07:01 pm They seem to have limited viewing time to 2 minutes just now which only gives you three refreshes - not long enough to see much but just in case you don't believe there are birds there - haha - I have posted a few pics. Will just leave them there for about 24 hours before deleting the album.
Marie 11/27/05 11:58 pm Checked out those birds Pam....I did see a few that I could recognize I think...Like the White- breasted Nuthatch and Hairy woodpecker, crows and starling. Also a female Am Goldfinch, I think! Looked like a Stellars Jay and possibly a Blue Jay, but light is difficult to really ID properly.
As usual great captures from the Capture Queen.
RR should be good Pam in the morning for it will be another great day...cold but bright and sunny for once. All the rain, fog and grey skies in Victoria have been depressing of late.
Madeline 11/28/05 01:12 am Nice Pics Pam. I do believe there is a Black-billed Magpie in that group of pics also. Several years ago I came to the aid of a White-breasted Nuthatcher that flew into my picture window and knocked itself unconcious. What a thrill it was to pick it up and put it on a bush, then watch it fly away.

BTW, where is Elk St?
Pam 11/28/05 11:04 am I'm a typing chair photographer Marie !!! -
Madeline - Elk St is situated near Estes Park, Colorado - a most beautiful area near Rocky Mountain National Park. The website is:
Unfortunately they have restricted viewing access and you have to shut the site and reload it to see more which is a pain in the butt. I cannot find an email address to write and complain to either.
There is quite a big variety of birds which visit the feeder and it is pretty when it snows, so its worth looking in at least.
Marie: it was beautiful at RR yesterday too, bright and windy but nothing too much to photograph. The peregrine has stayed stubbornly far away, usually at the top of the lighthouse. I counted 14 bald eagles, mostly immature, all together on the Northern Rock. One white headed adult that I could see, the rest brown. So, they are gathering once more and soon I hope to see them near to the camera - I keep hoping. Meanwhile I have to be content with glossy feathered cormorants. I love the graceful, streamlined shapes they display when they are preening and the feathers shine irridescent blue in the sun.
It has just started to snow quite heavily here in the last ten minutes or so.... looks pretty.
karen 11/28/05 02:42 pm Pam do you ever look at the Cornell Feeders?
They have alot of feeders alot of birds.( of course all upstate New York birds!
I am alwaysa amazed at the pictures you get from the internet!
Pam 11/28/05 06:05 pm Yes I have seen that one before Karen but thanks for the reminder - must make a point of looking in.

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