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Thread subject: A little Panda news
Name Date Message
Melanie 11/29/05 09:52 am
Melanie 11/29/05 10:45 am And another clip that has more$@$Panda$@$Makes$@$Public$@$Debut&hitboxMLC=earlyshow
FOB Webmaster 11/29/05 11:35 am Thanks Melanie! Great videos. Nice to see Tai put on a good show for the media.

By the way, for anyone who is interested, the TinyURL website will shorten those long links. Just type in your long URL, and they'll provide a shortened version. You can find it here:
Melanie 11/29/05 11:54 am You know, if I were really were clever I would have entered the link in HTML and make it really short myself!
FOB Webmaster 11/29/05 12:09 pm Yeah, I keep forgetting this board will take live links. When I first came here, I thought the board didn't take them as a way to prevent spam. :-)

Celeste 11/29/05 06:06 pm I had gone to the Panda site first tonight and read about Tai's big media day...I was delighted that you found a way to "see" the actual event. Thanks so much Melanie!
Marie 11/29/05 09:33 pm Thank you for keeping us up to date Melanie.
He keeps me laughing each day.
Melanie 11/29/05 11:26 pm And a little bit of info I watched on CNN that I found a little disconcerting. Re: the cost of keeping Pandas. The "leasing" agreements with China, each US zoo pays China approx $10M which goes directly to the Chinese Government, ostensibly to fund their Panda preservation foundation (or whatever they call it). The pandas generate roughly $3M per zoo and according to the agreements, even that is supposed to be plowed right back into the Chinese Panda preservation foundation. All that on top of China still owning the pandas.
Madeline 11/30/05 08:48 pm This is the first time I've seen Tai climbing. Thanks for the media clip.

And thanks to you Lisa for the TinyURL.
cathleen 11/30/05 10:39 pm The tinyURL is great - I had no idea about it!

I think Tai is more than a handful now - I'm amazed at how big he's getting. It's gotta hurt a bit when he's biting on her ear or her cheek or has his paw in her eye. Lately, after I saw him learn to negotiate the rocks outside, I've been having a good laugh at him trying to get up on Mom's platform in the den - it's just too smooth for him to get a grip with front paws or back legs!!! But he is unfazed when he falls backwards or sideways. He keeps trying until he's tired and the next thing you know, he's curled himself up for a nap. Such a cute little round white butt.

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