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Thread subject: Will we make it.?
Name Date Message
Marie 12/02/05 01:15 pm Can we hit the 10, 000 message on the DPOF before the end of the year and who will it be? Who will write that post? We are at 8015 I believe so it isn't likely all things considering. Perhaps 9000 is much more realistic and even then I might be pushing it. Shall we aim for 8, 500 since this month will be so busy and fewer posts are likely to be up and running. LOL.
Marie 12/02/05 01:18 pm WOW what was I looking at... looks like we have past 8815 already...LOL I must be half asleep here. LOOKS like 9000 posts will be a reality after all. ;-)
karen 12/02/05 02:48 pm Marie you made me laugh ... thanks ... just doing my part to hit the target.
Anne 12/02/05 03:25 pm Me too. Loved your blog on Victoria in the snow Marie. We had a cold snap last week but now its back to wind and rain. Are your Black-bellied Plovers what we call Grey Plovers? We never see them in breeding plumage of course.
Marie 12/02/05 07:48 pm LOL................Karen do keep trying

And yes Anne Black-bellied Plovers are your Grey Plovers. Right now they are certainly all soft/grey and white but come Spring they put on their best dress and sport a lovely black belly which extends right into the axillas,( the black does not the belly) ;-) Add the spangled mantles( back/wing feathers) which look like sequins and you can imagine these birds are quite the head turner....they are all heading off to one BIG PARTY to'' make-out '' on the tundra/artic landscape. I think the girls who are ready for breeding dress very much the same as the boys but slightly paler, which must create some confusion at the party te te !
Only the non-breeding birds look different as do the juveniles.
Oh well...hope that helps Anne. Please excuse me for trying to be funny.
Madeline 12/03/05 03:16 am I think we can do Marie. We still have 28 days, plenty of time to chit chat.

We might be getting a few snow flakes here on Long Island tonight, but it's going to change to rain ; at least that's what they say. Hopefully thy're right. It's nice to look at, but not to drive in.
Anne 12/03/05 07:07 am The Black-bellied Plover sounds lovely. We are going to take the Norwegian post boat from Bergen to the North Cape which is in the Arctic Circle next July so I am hoping to see lots of these tundra specialists. I wonder what the tundra will be like, I imagine a cold boggy wilderness. I saw a film of breeding birds in Iceland once and there were so many flies that all the birds had to do to feed was open their bills and wait! They put up with the cold because the food and daylight is so plentiful.
Nancy L 12/03/05 09:46 am I'm envious, Anne. I've wanted to take one of those Norwegian coast tours for quite a while, but it doesn't seem to be happening. We're too busy touring our U.S.A.
Marie 12/03/05 11:54 am How exciting Anne, now that would be a trip of a life time. About the bugs,,,,,I do believe they are PLENTIFUL.. That is the worst part.....
You can get some great Safari hats that have fine netting drop-down to cover your head, neck etc.
We look forward to an interesting account of your travels Anne.
Anne 12/04/05 09:57 am We will need fleeces too! I have already booked a birdwatching trip from the cruise but it is to a seabird colony where there are also lots of White-tailed eagles. I am hoping to take a trip by road up there too so I can see the tundra landscape. I will certainly report back!

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