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Thread subject: My first bird pics!
Name Date Message
karen 12/08/05 04:09 pm Now no laughing but this is my first attempt at posting any photos so please be kind ....the link is ( I hope it works )
I was in the Dominican Republic over Thanksgiving and there were some interesting birds right at the hotel. The most interesting were the many woodpeckers in the palm trees each morning and afternoon there were over 20 of them in the trees right by the pool. They looked alot like a Flicker but in my later research I decided they are Hispanolia Woodpeckers and pretty much only on that island. So those are the birds on the palm trees ( I know you will need help to see them ).

The other really amazing site was the roosting Cattle Egrets those are the photos with a lot of shrubs and all those white birds ... they flew in every evening over 100 birds and it was a sight to see ... and of course there were also a dozen or so vultures in the bare trees nearby waiting for a snack. I did see one vulture go into the roost area and heard lots of noise but it looked like an unsuccessful attempt.

And I saw my first owl!

So there it is! Wish I could write like Marie and photo like Pam .... but I still wanted to share this with all of you.

Anne 12/08/05 05:14 pm You have still managed to do more than I could Karen!
What is the heron on the path? Is it a Blue Heron?

Cattle Egret roosts are amazing. I was taken to a roost site in Spain once and over 3000 flew in. What a din they made. And this roost also attracted 4000 White Storks every night, during passage migration. Wonderful.
Melanie 12/08/05 06:01 pm I'm pretty sure that's a green heron. It's maybe half the size of a blue - they are really big birds
Anne 12/08/05 06:12 pm Er - I need my Sibleys Guide dont I? It should be here on the 25th, correction - it had better be here on the 25th!
Celeste 12/08/05 06:18 pm They are great Karen.....Sounds like you had a great time. I haven't been "brave" enough to use a photosharing site yet, (I will send photos through e-mails)...however, maybe now. Was that a green heron in the path? The Cattle Egrets in the trees reminded me of the Everglades. Last winter as we drove through the Everglades, we would see roosts of various birds on every branch/pole wires....a sight to see. We were planning on going back in January and even had a reservation in a Nat'l Park Lodge, however, Hurricane Wilma has made all hotels in the Everglades, and the Everglades itself off limits for at least a year!
Nancy L 12/08/05 09:44 pm Nice, Karen. I don't know if I'll ever get around to posting photos.! Way to go!
Lori 12/08/05 11:45 pm hey did great! :-) Thanks for taking the time to show us your vacation.
Madeline 12/09/05 01:13 am WTG Karen! You're a braver woman than I. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I just want to know why you hung out your laundry in the trees? LOL
karen 12/09/05 09:06 am Thanks all for the nice comments ... the heron is a little green heron who hung out right by the reception area with the tamed and clipped flamingos. Wish I was there right now since I already shoveled 2 inches of snow and more will be waiting for me after work.
Marie 12/09/05 09:40 am Hi Karen, I haven't checked in for two or three days so missed everything............those are great pics and thank you so much for sharing. Looks like a breeding plumaged Green Heron as Celeste and others suggested. How nice to be so close to it and what an opportunity for being photographed with a long lens. I am envious. I have never been that close to any of the birds you posted. ;-) kEEP SHARING Karen . We all appreciate the views.

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