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Thread subject: Pete's Pond camera back up!
Name Date Message
cathleen 12/08/05 07:17 pm I just noticed that Pete's Pond is back up, though I haven't seen anything yet - it's very dark right now.
Madeline 12/09/05 12:59 am Are you sure the cam was up? I just checked it and it's posting the same tech. diffuculties, and off line notice. I wish it would go back up, but I think they were only going to keep it up till Dec.8. It is such an interesting cam to watch. Of course, wild life is always great to watch.
Celeste 12/09/05 05:29 am It was up very early yesterday morning according to my sister..however, when I tried yesterday later in the am it was not. It loads briefly now, but doesn't stay on.
cathleen 12/09/05 08:03 am Hmmm....I just went, and it seems to be up. Since Mickey (actually it was Tim P, I think) corrected me about the 6 hour video they had been playing for a while, I have been careful to check the upper right to see that it is live. There's nothing happening right now - the pond is pretty empty - only a few lone birds flying across. It is possible the cam has been up and down, I suppose.

OK - I just checked the blog, and on Dec 6, they said the replacement part was still only partially though customs, but that they hope to have it soon. The rains have started and personnel is reducing. In fact, even though they expect to get the cam up and running, they will take it down in a few days until the next season.

So, I think it might be up now, but not for long.
Tim P 12/09/05 09:10 am Cam was on & off yesterday.This morning it's working. I saw humans walking in front of the camera. The foliage is green from recent rains.
Since water is now available in other locations, less animals will be seen at the pond.
NG only plans to run the camera for a few days before shutting in down for the season.
karen 12/09/05 09:25 am Cam says it is on now but the picture is so still either no wind or animals at all or the cam is not working. Usually you can see something move and I see nothing! Oh well will keep checking this morning.
karen 12/09/05 10:18 am It is up and Ok just really still and quiet there

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