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Thread subject: Sunset over Victoria
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Marie 12/10/05 02:54 am Yesterday I headed out after work to try to watch the birds before the light disappeared. Now that we are close to the shortest day December 21st, it really is hard to get any decent light for photography later in the afternoon. Still I try the best way I can. It is always nice to catch a glimpse of the sun peeking between the many layers of cloud especially here on the west coast. Lately, we seemed to have been STARVED of the sun over the past two weeks, so you can imagine the excitement I felt when I could see it peeking through those cirrocumulus clouds. I knew we might be in for a great sunset so was determined to stay out as long as possible despite the nip in the air. It was cold, but no snow around. I had spent time with wood ducks at a small pond a short drive away. Pam knows exactly where that is. Wood ducks are gorgeous to photograph with their many colours.
At the pond the ducks are becoming used to the humans that arrive with their little brown paper bags full of duck grain. ( not advisable to feed the birds Bread) It swells in their gut and simply isn't good for them.
Wood ducks particularly are rather timid but around here they seem to be becoming rather brazen. Certainly Mallards reign supreme at the duck pond. They push and shove and knock other duck species off the pond edge as they swarm to get to the grain first. Wood ducks are smaller than Mallards so you can imagine they get their fair share of being pushed around as well as being nipped. I made sure the Woodies got their fare share of the grain.
After my commune with the ducks I headed back my way and stopped off at Cattle Point. Interesting history to this area. As you can imagine from the name, they drove cattle off this point so the cattle could swim across to the nearby islands. Because the sea around here is so cold I could imagine the cattle got hypothermia half way to their destination and died before they got there. Perhaps that was the idea. Not sure! ;-)
Meanwhile the sun and light seemed to be disappearing fast. I climbed carefully to the highest point atop a rocky lookout. Here I had a wonderful view of the sun setting over the bay in front of me. Behind me, MT. Baker in the distance, was bathed in a beautiful pink wash. As the sun descended lower and lower and cast its golden light on everything, the scene became awe inspiring. Other people were entranced by the scene and I could hear the click of camera lenses all around me. It was glorious.
Even after the sun sank below the tree line and the last of the rosey, orange sun rays bounced off the cloud cover above, the colour remained intense although muted...
With freezing fingers inside my gloves I headed down the rocks and back into my car. The fading colours staining the sky kept me company for my ride home.
It really was one of those special moments that fills one to overflowing. I suddenly felt a warm glow creep over me, but I still needed a hot cup of tea once I got home.
Marie 12/10/05 03:05 am

Here are some PICS to go with the above Sunset story above. Enjoy.
Celeste 12/10/05 05:42 am So, so beautiful Marie.....thank you.
Pam 12/10/05 07:43 am Enjoyed that evening stroll Marie !!!!
cathleen 12/10/05 09:17 am A refreshing outing in the land of Lotus with visuals! I love the female wood duck who seems to look over her shoulder at you - such gorgeous shots...thank you, Marie.
Kathy 12/10/05 09:23 am What a beautiful sunset! Such a lovely way to end the day.
Nancy L 12/10/05 10:10 am Beautiful, as always, Marie. I especially liked the sun's rays streaming out in the last photo.
Tim P 12/10/05 05:47 pm Once again you contine to make us smile. Thanx!
Lori 12/10/05 10:11 pm Thanks Marie ...The perfect ending to a very hectic day! The "warm fuzzies" are just what the soul needed.
Madeline 12/11/05 12:24 am Makes me want to take in a deep breath and smile. Beautiful Marie..
Anne 12/11/05 07:01 am What a wonderful world. Thanks Marie.
Marie 12/11/05 12:59 pm Glad you liked it............I added three more scanned prints of the wood ducks last evening... For those that are interested in the differences between film and digital I really see the difference. One can see in my case, the differences between the three prints and the'' point and shoot'' digital camera pics that I posted. Slides still in my opinion, have much more three dimentional depth than either prints or Digital Pics.

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