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Thread subject: Panda TV Tonight
Name Date Message
Mickey 12/10/05 06:00 pm dont forget its on @ 8pm tonight on Animal Planet !
1 hour.
FOB Webmaster 12/10/05 09:29 pm Great show. Although I wish they had showed more footage of Tai Shan, but I'd probably think that no matter what. :-)

Wow, they showed him being born, and the way he hit the wall! Lucky he wasn't hurt and didn't have brain damage.

It was also neat how Tian Tian and Mei would cooperate for their medical tests. And how Mei loved the ultrasound gel. Too funny.

I'm very happy for all the staff there -- especially Lisa Stevens -- who had to wait all this time and had to experience the loss of all the previous cubs. They really deserved this.
Melanie 12/10/05 11:19 pm For those who may have missed it (or who had problems programming a new VCR) it will be on Sunday night at 10pm and a few hours later in the wee hours of Monday morning at 1am. Eastern S. Time.
Madeline 12/11/05 12:14 am It's on right now as I write this. I'm sure i;t will be on several times more this week as Melanie has stated.

It is so hard to believe they can't tell if a panda is pregnant or not. In this day and age you wouldn't think it would be hard. I guess Mei solved that problem in an instant. The way he just shot out and into the wall. No wonder he was squealing so much, wouldn't you. LOL

Too bad you can't train your kids to behave as well as Mei and Tian Tian did for their check-ups. It gave lots of all around info, especially for the people who haven't been following the web site.
FOB Webmaster 12/11/05 08:09 am Yes, they did give good all around info. I liked that they showed the artificial insemination and then Tai being born. That was some great footage I hadn't seen before.

And you get to learn more about the personalities of Tian Tian and Mei -- they're both interesting animals in their own right.

It was amazing how much noise a little hairless, blind cub can make. I guess when you're that helpless the only way to make sure you're attended to is to just scream at the top of your tiny lungs.
Celeste 12/11/05 08:33 am Loved every second...and as Lisa indicated I also loved learning about the personalities of Tian Tian and Mei....I thought it was well done, and it also gave me a better sense of the layout also. So cute how Mei loves that gel!
Marie 12/11/05 12:53 pm I have watched Tai do his exercises this morning among the bars.He loves getting himself into the small areas. He really is doing some close somersaults now, but if the hay isn't there to give him a lift he really can't seem to get up on that plattform. He was inside for so long that one of his keepers went in and brought him out to the enclosure where he sat and climbed among the rock mountain. Interestingly he didn't struggle when carried by the keeper. With the size of those toenails I am surprised the keepers don't wear goggles to protect their eyes when handling him just in case he swipes affectionately at them.
He is soooooooooo cute.
The Sandiego Panda girl cub is getting more active now. She is three weeks younger.
Mickey 12/11/05 12:55 pm I know Ive been watching to much of the panda cam. I found myself saying "oh hey I saw that"
(I figured a bunch of you nuts did too)
I loved the behind the scenes stuff. And of course the actual birth was just incredible. After hearing that there has been 5 failed births,I no longer look at this as ho hum.
Reading all the daily stuff has certainly educated me to Pandas and the rearing of the cub. My overall impression of the telecast was it was great for someone who doesnt watch the cam and read the blogs.
Mickey 12/11/05 03:34 pm oh and I screamed when I saw the cubs climbing in Woolong. Soon Tai will be doing that !
cathleen 12/11/05 04:04 pm Boo hoo! I don't have access to Animal Planet! But thanks for the community updates - startling to read how Mei shot Tai out into the wall - eek. I am wondering, how did Mei and Tian cooperate for the medical procedures, and how did the medical examiners interact with the adult pandas - from behind bars? For the insemination? Hard to imagine.
Melanie 12/11/05 04:12 pm Cathleen - I'll tape it tonight for you and send you the tape if you would like.
cathleen 12/11/05 05:04 pm Melanie - you are too much - my cup runneth over. I'll be in contact with you - enjoy the show! Thank you!
FOB Webmaster 12/14/05 01:29 pm For anyone who didn't see it and can't get a free copy, they now have the DVD on sale. It ships at the end of January though:

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