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Thread subject: I don't like it ....
Name Date Message
Pam 12/15/05 03:50 pm .... it's too quiet here !!!!

During the lull you may like to look at some recent captures from Race Rocks. No eagles yet but some shiny Pelagic and Brandts cormorants plus a few seagulls and some lovely sunsets.
Anne 12/15/05 04:47 pm Pam we are all too busy Christmas shopping, baking mince pies, decorating trees, going to Nativity plays etc etc etc!

I shall be glad when New Year comes and we can start looking forward to Spring and O S P R E Y S ! ! !
Marie 12/15/05 04:54 pm OK OK OK.I hear you.Just got in from work and it is so sunny here that I am heading out for the fresh air and the LAGOON. LOTS of ducks there now and maybe a story or two. ;-)
So off I go and will report later. Keep up the good work at RR Pam . We love your captures! Where are the Eagles like last year. I am not seeing mine around the waterfront much at this time. Call the eagles in to RR Pam.....need some of those head shots again. ;-)
FOB Webmaster 12/15/05 05:25 pm We had a Great Horned Owl on the osprey nest at Blackwater. I was very excited about that.

I've been trying to get our cam technician to put a cam inside one of our Great Horned Owl boxes at the refuge, but I don't think he's going for it. :-)
Pam 12/15/05 05:47 pm Great captures of the GHO at: - will have to try and remember to look in tomorrow - thanks FOB Webmaster.
cathleen 12/15/05 06:01 pm Here in Rochester, NY, we are definitely NOT in Lotus Land or the Land of Oz. It is sleeting and iced up outside with up to 8 inches of ice and snow expected by morning. In the nightmare of the evening commute home, I saw a few birds careening through the sleet, but could not tell what they were - they were flapping and dodging the weather in a flying pattern that reminded me of swallows ...but they were bigger.

Thanks for keeping up the postings - I also miss you in the silences. I am glad to be catching up while safe at home with my scotch on the rocks! I love the GHO shots - how exciting - you guys will turn me into a birder yet.(Is it time to buy a Sibley's?)
Shelley 12/15/05 08:05 pm Just stopping in to say hi to all. One more week till break, for me and I can tell you, it's been a crazy and stressful term. I'll be glad to see the end of it!

My city is being blanketed in snow right now, as I write and while hell would have to freeze over, twice, before my school board would even consider cancelling school for a snow day, at least tomorrow is Friday. ;-p

I want to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season, whatever you may be celebrating.
cathy 12/16/05 02:09 am While its not action packed, I always enjoy the intrepid eagles building up their nest, and laying their eggs incredibly early every year at Ft. St. Vrain. I usually review their day and find them there between 7 and 8 am. They are usually good for dramatic scenes of protecting the eggs or hatchlings while covered in snow.
cathy 12/16/05 02:11 am Ft. St. Vrain is in the mountains of Colorado. Why they lay eggs much earlier than Kent, Washington where its much warmer is a great mystery.
Celeste 12/16/05 05:46 am Well everyone, we are almost at "9000" messages for the year!
Marie 12/16/05 09:10 am YES we are. close to meeting one of our goals.
Keep those messages coming.

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