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Thread subject: Blackwater
Name Date Message
Pam 12/16/05 12:55 pm Looked in for the GHO this a.m. but no luck. There is a huge turkey vulture there at this time. What is it about them that is no UNapealling - I really dislike them although they have beautiful black feathers. I think it is that horrid bald, 'blood' red face I dislike so much.
Celeste 12/16/05 01:00 pm This morning there was an eagle hanging out at the nest. I try to think that the vultures might have started out as cute when they they were chicks....hmmm I try anyways!
karen 12/16/05 01:05 pm Hyenas have really cute pups but when they grow up they are UGLEE!
FOB Webmaster 12/16/05 02:53 pm Here's a turkey vulture chick. They are cute. Anything that small, fuzzy, and helpless is cute. :-)
Melanie 12/16/05 03:33 pm I don't know - no matter how you look at it, that's one ugly shnoz
Pam 12/16/05 03:36 pm I don't even like the chick! and as for hyenas - a more repulsive animal I can't think of .....
Marie 12/16/05 06:22 pm The thing about T urkey V's is that there is a purpose to a featherless head. They are the CLEAN- UP crew of the bird world. They rid the streets and highways of road-kill and the countryside or rotting dead animals. If you are designed to do the DIRTY WORK and are compelled to stick your head into the insides of dead animals then a FEATHERED head would be rather disgusting over time. ;-)
Thankfully they are out there as the stench of dead, rotting animals would soon over-come us.
FOB Webmaster 12/16/05 08:01 pm Boy, you people are a tough crowd.

Even the chick doesn't get a break. ;-)
Lori 12/16/05 09:59 pm I realize that turkey vultures are Ugly with a capital U....but I have a place for them in my heart because; to me they signal the start of a vacation! The first one I spot usually means, I am now far enough from the real world & work..and that my friends is a Beautiful thing!!! :-)
Melanie 12/17/05 10:54 am Just think - if you lived in Hinckley, Ohio, March 15 would be the day you would be waiting for the buzzards instead of us waiting for our ospreys. It's apparently a major gathering spot for them on Spring migration. I have a friend who is from there. I couldn't believe it when he told me. Apparently it's a big festival and everything!
Madeline 12/17/05 07:32 pm Aaaaawwww, give the chick a break! It's the best it will ever look.

I just say a show on Animal Planet called Living Hyena, and the guy was raising the little cubs who couldn't stand up to their sisters. Females are the ones with all the testosterone and they are the aggressive ones and leaders....but that's neither here or there.

Tfhe guy who raises them, treats them just like he would the family dogs. He then introduces them to a pack of hyenas who are established. He actually goes into their pack and has a good relationship with the leader ( female ). They are such powerful animals and a lovable ugly. I have great respect for them. He-he-he-he-he.
Marie 12/18/05 12:57 am Well Madeline...not so sure I like those Hyenas either. Guess when you share your 'space 'with Lions then you had better have lots of Testosterone just to stay alive.';-)
FOB Webmaster 12/18/05 08:35 pm Wow, that's interesting that females hyenas are the ones with the testosterone.

I read the other day that bull sharks have more testosterone per unit of blood than any other animal on earth. That's supposedly why they're the most aggressive and dangerous sharks -- even worse than great whites for humans.
Madeline 12/19/05 12:17 am One more interesting note on female hyenas. Not only do they have more testosterone than the males, but they also have a (pseudo penis). No kidding, I've seen it on The Jeff Corwin Experience, on Animal Planet. Now that's someone with a real IDENTITY CRISIS!!!!!! lol
FOB Webmaster 12/19/05 07:05 am Almost like an animal in transition. Or they're starting to become like the animals that can switch sexes depending on the needs of the species.

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