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Thread subject: no escape from the not-so-small Tai now...
Name Date Message
cathleen 12/16/05 05:27 pm Beleaguered by Tai's persistent play energy, Mom tries to find refuge on the platform. But no. Tai climbed right up after her and used her ears and cheeks for tug of war (ouch), her body for king of the mountain, etc. She finally found peace hanging her head over the side. After fussing, rocking and rolling, Tai finally fell asleep from all the exertion. What a patient Mom!
Marie 12/16/05 06:11 pm Thank you Cathleeen........lovely to see the action.
FOB Webmaster 12/16/05 08:06 pm He's a ball of energy. And he's been so cute playing inside that black tub they put in with them.

Mom has been so patient. I have noticed one thing she won't tolerate much -- when Tai tries to chew on her feet like he does his own. She immediately gets up and walks away to discourage it. I guess feet are sensitive to Tai's very sharp teeth.

Thanks for the pics!

Melanie 12/16/05 11:23 pm They had a really cute session the other day - I actually caught a long nursing session - of course you can't be sure, but it looked like Tai drained one dry and moved on to the next, until it appeared perhaps he had drained all 4 stations (Is that possible?). Then Mei decided it was naptime and just melted on the floor of the sleeping den. Tai, however, was bouncing all over her, again, chewing on just about anything he could grab hold of, and poor mom just laid there through it all.

Earlier in the day, he was sound asleep and she walked right over to him and tried to wake him up. He didn't respond and she proceeded to drag him through two rooms to the entrance of the sleeping den - pushing/dragging him right through all the straw in the process. At one point she tried to grab him in her mouth and scoop him up with a paw. He just wanted to sleep. When she had him where she wanted him, he just stayed rolled up in a ball, snoozing away. I guess paybacks are hell for a previous chewing session when Mei was trying to sleep!
FOB Webmaster 12/16/05 11:39 pm I saw that! That was the first time I've seen her just push him across the floor with her big paw. He's so heavy now and he wouldn't move, so she was just shoving him, straw and all.

He didn't seem to be worse for it. I guess no straw burns. hehe
Celeste 12/17/05 04:31 am Great Photos. There are days when I can't check the cam as much and when I am able to it seems to be naptime. Thanks!
cathleen 12/17/05 08:07 am pushing/dragging him right through all the straw in the process.
LOL. I wish I had seen that! He is apparently a pretty rugged little boy. Has anybody been able to compare his activity and play with Su Lin in San Diego? (I know she is a little younger...but she IS a girl.)
FOB Webmaster 12/17/05 09:57 am Unfortunately, I don't get to watch Su Lin as much as I'd like. From what the zoo said on their podcasts, and from what I've read, Su Lin's personality is in between Hua Mei's (Bai Yun's first cub) and Mei Sheng's (her second).

Hua Mei was a wild little female, full of adventure and fun. Mei Sheng was a sensitive male. They said Su Lin is in between the two of them so far.

I think it's interesting that Bai Yun has already taken to putting Su Lin outside. Su might climb a tree before Tai does just because she's already in the outdoor exhibit. I'm hoping Tai's first trip into the yard isn't far away.
cathleen 12/17/05 07:13 pm They better open the outside for Tai soon to give him more exercise. Mei just spent an hour roaming around all the rooms, and everytime she saw Tai on rocks, in the alley, on the platform in either den, she'd drag him off, drag him down, drag him out, and then walk away. He'd trot after her only to get distracted by something else, and then Mom would be by to drag him away. Maybe as a strategy to tire him out... or maybe as a lesson to listen to her!

They just spent a little quiet time together in the second den - it looked like she was ready for him to nurse. He had indeed slowed down, but maybe not enough. She's given him a bath with protests, it sounds like, and no doubt she's hoping he's tired out enough for a nap.
cathleen 12/17/05 11:20 pm San Diego Zoo posted a link for an update of the 16 panda cubs born in China. Some cute photos of the crowd there.
Marie 12/18/05 01:13 am What a lot of little bears..... ;-) The big one looks just like Tai Shun. Appears they are fed artificially.
I wonder why they are taken from their Mom?
Madeline 12/18/05 01:36 am Poor Mei, she can't get a break from her over actived little boy. Can't get a decent nights sleep with Tai climbing and biting, and pulling her. She keeps lying on her back and reaching up to pull him off the platform. Finially ;she's had enough and gets up and leaves the room. Tai's too busy playing and doesnt seem to notice.
cathleen 12/18/05 09:10 am Marie, I also thought it interesting to see them feeding by bottle. I do know they don't have the same spacious facilities in China as we do in the States. Could that mean there aren't enough areas to house Mom/cub pairs? Also, I saw that they have a pair of twins. Somewhere think I read that in the wild, if a panda has twins, one usually dies since she focuses only on one. So for the ease of maximum yield, maybe they defaulted to the easiest way to make sure they all get fed!

We're so lucky we can look in on our meager two cubs with their Moms. Maybe if there were so many, we could not view this special relationship. (BTW, I have a few more shots postedof the two!)

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