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Thread subject: Eagle Video from Blackwater
Name Date Message
Celeste 12/17/05 04:29 pm There is a really nice video of last years Eagle Nest complete with music put together by one of Blackwater's "cam watchers". Really nice job, and a nice reminder of observing eagles to look forward to in January until "our" osprey return.
Pam 12/17/05 05:13 pm That's really good Celeste - looks like it was done on a Mac. Why was the chick wrapped and being handled does anyone remember?
Marie 12/17/05 05:22 pm Hi Pam, is that short term memory loss you are suffering from. ;-)
The eaglet was taken and sent to Vermont( I think) To establish a new poppulation of eagles there as there were none in that State. Hence a Highjacking! or is it a Kidnapping. ?
FOB Webmaster 12/17/05 06:20 pm Yes, she was kidnapped by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and taken to Vermont where they hope she'll help reestablish breeding eagles in the state.

She was picked up by Craig Koppie, the endangered species specialist who took the final photo you see at the end of the movie clip - the one showing the handsome trio of eaglets.
Madeline 12/17/05 06:48 pm What a nice recap video of the eagles last year, from start to finish. The music accompanying it was perfect. Thanks to the cam watcher who put this together and Craig Koppie.

Looking forward to another season of eagle watching.
cathy 12/17/05 11:56 pm I really appreciated the gallery shots this year because the camera got dislodged so I could follow the action captured by those who happened to see the family when in range of the camera. It also made the commentary more important. I appreciated the respect for the eagle family - not disturbing them to move the camera. I look forward to another year - and I hope they don't have a big snowstorm again.
Pam 12/18/05 10:59 am There is a bald eagle on the nest now.
Pam 12/18/05 11:06 am Pair of eagles there now ....
Anne 12/18/05 04:00 pm I cant get the movie to play - grrrr
FOB Webmaster 12/18/05 08:30 pm Anne, I assume you have QuickTime; if not, that would be the problem. Also, if you have dial-up, it's a long download, so you may need to wait a bit.

If you still have problems, let me know, and I can put a direct link to it on my site.
FOB Webmaster 12/19/05 07:23 am Anne, go to this link and right-click the movie link -- choose "Save Target As" and you can download the movie to your computer. If it still won't play after that, you probably need to upgrade your QuickTime:

Tim P 12/19/05 09:50 am Bald Eagle seems to like the stand he is there at this time.
Anne 12/20/05 08:37 am Thanks Lisa - very kind. I have seen it now - brill!
Anne 12/20/05 11:48 am Three vultures there now - they are ugly arnt they. How do they interact with the bald eagles?
FOB Webmaster 12/20/05 04:39 pm The vultures and eagles seem to stay away from each other. I don't think we've ever seen them on the platform together. When they feed on a carcass at the refuge, they do it separately, not challenging each other. I imagine the eagles would have the advantage in an altercation, with their powerful talons and beaks.
Anne 12/20/05 06:17 pm Vultures are careful not to get into trouble ar'nt they. They were so funny in the cartoon of 'Jungle Book'.

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