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Thread subject: Webmaster - GHO?
Name Date Message
Anne 12/20/05 12:05 pm Could you give me the latin name of your GHO please. It looks so much smaller than the European Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo) on the Blackwater captured pictures.
FOB Webmaster 12/20/05 12:47 pm I believe it's Bubo virginianus. Size is about 18-25 inches.

Lisa :-)
Anne 12/20/05 06:15 pm IHmm, the size is similar. think Marie once said that the GHO was a sub species of the Eagle Owl or vice versa.
FOB Webmaster 12/20/05 07:40 pm I found this:

Strictly speaking the Great Horned Owl is only found in the Americas. It has sometimes been considered to be part of the Eurasian Eagle-Owl (Bubo bubo) species that is spread across Eurasia. There are currently 8 recognized races of Great Horned Owl in North America. There are 4 races that have been described but further study will be required. There are also 2 races in Central America and 2 in South America (a third was recently divided into its own species).
Pam 12/21/05 10:33 am Eagle owls are gaining a "winghold" in GB in Yorkshire, which seems to be controversial. I watched a TV programme in November featuring Roy Dennis (of Rutland Water osprey fame) who believes that the owls were once native to this country and is glad to see their return. You can read about it at:
Another news item from England is that a baby jackass penguin has been stolen from a zoo in the Isle of Wight - a reward of £1000 (c.$2000) has been offered for its return, so if you see a little penguin waddling down your road .........apparently concern has been shown from all around the world about this little guy including USA and Canada.
Marie 12/21/05 12:14 pm LoL.......Pam you make me laugh. ! I hadn't heard this news. Mostly news about NY's transit strike.How unfortunate for New Yorkers ! Who needs this kind of stress and especially at this time of year.
Poor little Penguin...people do anything don't they. It is as if they have NO conscience at all or concern how to keep these specialised birds alive once they get them home. Poor thing is probably dead by now, because the culprit is probably someone who isn't a vet, biologist or scientist and hasn't the knowledge.
Celeste 12/21/05 06:04 pm The news about the penguin was in our Long Island Newsday....seems the experts say the penguin will not live past Christmas if it is not returned.
Anne 12/29/05 03:44 pm Today's paper reports that the parents have stopped pining and are busy nest-building. The baby has never been found. It was probably stolen by some idiot who had seen the film 'march of the penguins'. Two years ago, 3 owls were stolen just after the 'Harry Potter' films came out.

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