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Thread subject: Tai Shan Goes Outdoors
Name Date Message
FOB Webmaster 12/22/05 08:34 am Tai Shan went outdoors this morning, I believe for the first time. The zoo log had said they just opened the door the other day, and he slept through the event, but today he was out and about with mom. Mom did pretty well, but then got nervous and kept trying to pull him down.

Looks like they put metal guards on the trees to keep Tai from climbing too high. Here are some pics:
Nancy L 12/22/05 08:58 am Thanks - that first one would make a great screensaver!
Marie 12/22/05 12:12 pm Adorable..............he is fast asleep somewhere on a bed of hay right now.
Marie 12/22/05 12:22 pm Sui Lin, in Sandiego is out and about in an outdoor enclosure.....she looks so tiny in comparrison to Tai Shun, but stands, sits and runs after her mom.
cathleen 12/22/05 04:48 pm Great captures! I also like the first one of Mom and son. They have also posted a picture of Tai holding onto a tree limb along as a log of his outdoor activities. He must have a had a good time - he just yawned and turned over. I haven't checked on Su Lin lately - nice to hear news.
Celeste 12/22/05 05:47 pm I am just catching up with all the info on Tai and the icing was to find photos to look at when I check this site. That first photo is definitely a screen saver. Thanks Lisa!
Madeline 12/23/05 01:45 am That first picture is a winner. It looks like they possed for it. I'm going to have to check in on Sui Lin one of these days, I've never really taken a good look at her. Thanks Lisa
FOB Webmaster 12/23/05 08:39 am Just so you know, they've posted some outstanding photos on the Washington Post site of Tai's first trip outdoors. Look for the "Panda Growing Strong" link on the right-hand side:
Nancy L 12/23/05 08:59 am Those are beautiful photos from the Washington Post link. Nice close-ups.
Celeste 12/23/05 02:22 pm After trying many times throughout the day was finally able to see the photos from the Post...just when you think a photo you've seen can't be any cuter, another one is taken! Today Tai, took a nap with his playball in the round tub!
Mickey 12/24/05 06:33 pm Lisa those are fantastic captures! *hugs*
thank you for thinking of us here !
FOB Webmaster 12/25/05 10:21 pm You bet, Mickey. Always happy to share my panda obsession with the panda fans here. :-)

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