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Thread subject: Happy 2005
Name Date Message
Kathy 01/01/05 08:57 am Happy 2005 everyone. This is my first new thing to learn for the new year, hope I get it right.
Mickey 01/01/05 09:58 am Back atchas!
Pam 01/01/05 12:08 pm Happy New Year everyone !
Cecilia 01/01/05 12:28 pm And from me too! :-) And thanks Tom for the new system!
Tim 01/01/05 01:32 pm Have a Great 2005 !!
Marie 01/01/05 09:01 pm Happy New Year to each and everyone of you from a very cold and windy west coast Victoria today. Brrrrrrr...did get to see the sun a little for short periods. Mt.Baker on the horizon, in Washington State, was bathed in sunshine but here the skies were generally layered with various shades of grey cloud. My friend Veronica and I took our first long walk along the ocean this afternoon. We too were layered in outdoor wear to keep warm. The shorebirds at this hour, were busy gleaning for food along the rocky shores. We saw Pelagic and Double-crested Cormorants, 10 Black Oystercatchers, 7 Dunlin, 1 Killdeer, 8 Canada geese, 6 Surf Birds, 5 Black turnstones, a whole raft of Buffleheads, 6 Common Mergansers, 3 Hooded Mergansers, and 5 Red-breated Mergansers. A few Robins and Juncos flew around and several Anna's Hummingbirds could be seen or heard buzzing from garden feeder to garden feeder. The 'ultimate bird' this afternoon was an American Kestrel that I spotted on the hydro wire. This was a bird I would never have expected to see especially in such an urban setting or so close to the sea. I would usually observe them closer to the farm areas of Victoria. This too is a bird I most often do not add to my year-list because I generally don't see them. What a great start for 2005
Pam 01/02/05 10:53 am Ok Marie, have had to consult my bird book again ! Do you take a reference book out with you or are you able to recognize all these birds (a lot of which look very alike). but I see that the American kestrel is the only one with a "rusty" back. So you had a very good day out "twitching" then ?
Marie 01/02/05 11:51 am Well Pam...I used to take a book out with me, and a little note pad and pencil too but after 16 yrs of birding I can now recognize most birds. However, there are several species that confused me especially in Spring when the migrants come through. The warblers, flycatchers and vireos are especially difficult to determine whose who. The interesting thing yesterday was the fact I didn't see one heron nor any eagles. They must have found some protected areas to roost in while those cold winds blew. Hope you all had a great New Year.

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