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Thread subject: Animals and the tsunami >>
Name Date Message
Shelley 01/04/05 07:47 pm I found a really interesting article from National Geographic about the animals and the tsunami:

I also wonder about the underwater life, the fish and the larger underwater mammals (whales, dolphins, etc). What did they do? Does anyone have any idea?
Pam 01/05/05 07:58 am Thanks for that link Shelley, very interesting. I am passing it on to the Orca-Live message board because I am sure they will find it thought-provoking too. The offshore whales appeared in Johnstone Strait before the most recent undersea quake off Vancouver Island. They are fairly rare in the area and people were wondering if they sensed the impending quake. Incidentally, have you heard of snipurl? You can paste a long url into a box and get it snipped to a more manageable length - very useful with the very long urls. It seems we have a new addition on OL (in the absence of our wildlife cams) i.e. online jigsaws. At you can find an abundance of them and you can make them as easy or difficult as you like, or you can, by signing up as a member, use your own photos and also mail them to friends. Hope I am starting something here, she said grinning evily !!!!!
Pam 01/05/05 08:01 am Sorry - addiCtion not addition ! It will be nice when we can edit !
RonS 01/05/05 08:40 am Thanks, Shelly. Fascinating story. I am intrigued by the thought that humans once had this sensitivity to nature but lost it. Maybe we're just too busy and noisy to notice?
Celeste 01/05/05 12:36 pm Thanks Shelley......I am not surprised though....Like Ron, I am also intrigue that humans have lost that "sensitivity". I also liked the story of the dog who pulled the 7 yr. old by his collar when he decided to hide in a hut near the ocean, rather than run behind Mom who was holding his two younger siblings. The family now lets the dog sleep with them instead of making him sleep outdoors.....
Melanie 01/05/05 04:14 pm Regarding what underwater life does, ride it out I would imagine. And if there was any reaction, head to deeper water. There were a number of scuba divers in different areas who were aware of something unusual happened, the water got muddy, the current picked up for a bit, but certainly not to the extent of what happened when the waves hit the shelf and started breaking.

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