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Thread subject: Blackwater NWR nest
Name Date Message
Nancy L 01/13/05 11:31 am in Maryland had 2 eagles on it this morning. I usually give it a quick check when I go on the computer, and it's been empty every time I've looked - but today, SURPRISE, a bald eagle was there. And in another minute, another came onto the nest. They were pecking into the nest. I was happy!
Celeste 01/13/05 02:06 pm Like you Nancy I check but never anything.....this morning I didn't! I visited Blackwater this past October and saw many eagles just sitting from perches and watching! is a beautiful Refuge.
Marie 01/15/05 02:28 pm This morning Sat, five minutes ago to be exact I checked into Blackwater and there THEY were........two adult eagles renewing bonds, heads down together and calling and strutting around their Spring is coming.....Whooray!
Celeste 01/16/05 05:45 am On the Blackwater site, there is very interesting reading about Bald Eagles and their habits. At the bottom of the page where the eagle cam is there is a "American Bald Eagle Information Website". I never took the time to read in depth about this bird, and I was surprised to learn that 40% of eaglets do not survive their first flight! I kept imagining Marie how wonderful it must be to observe the unique characteristics of this raptor on a regular basis as you do!
As you explore all the info about eagles, there is a an interesting commentary/video from National Geographic. It portrays a photographer who did a "piece" on Bald Eagles in Alaska.
"National Geographic piece is as follows......
Marie 01/16/05 09:14 pm Thank you Thank you Celeste..........I did so enjoy that video of the Eagles. Indeed it is truly wonderful to see them every day. Today I saw my two from the beach hunting together but they came up empty. In this weather I think they must be having a difficult time. More snow fell last evening but it warmed enough today so that it melted around I found two more eagles hanging out near another nest in a tall cottonwood not far from my other pair of eagles nest tree. There are five pairs of eagles along the waterfront covering a 15 klm area. I do believe one of the pair that nests in the big waterfront park has lost its mate last year so it will be interesting to see if it finds a new one this breeding season. Oh roll on Spring!
Although it was a grey day and only 2 degrees above Zero I decided to look for birds this afternoon. Plenty out there on the water and in the bushes and beach waterfront...a total of 40 species. I was able to add another 12 species to my year list so am at 72. Hopefully I will have 100 species before the end of January. By that time it starts to get harder to find different birds until the migrants start heading back to Victoria in March. Oh the joys birding and obsession with BIRDS.

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