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Thread subject: hola de ospreys in Mexico
Name Date Message
cathy 01/19/05 08:03 pm I found some ospreys here in osprey paradise. Every morning for the 4 days we were there, in a remote lagoon, an white chested osprey sat on the same branch in the middle of an estuary which lead to the Pacific. From there it dived directly into the water. It had at least 3 amigos near by and we awoke to that familiar "Fish now!" call. however, as far as I could tell - it was every osprey for itself. Once I saw 3 circling overhead, one with a fish as large as its body. When we pointed the osprey out to the local people, they called it something meaning "fish eagle" - although some called it "osprey" but I think I detected appreciation for it and the idea that it is a local bird - just as we think of it as local. One of the people I talked to said he had lived in Seattle and showed me his Washington drivers license - here he was a fisherman driving a boat. Well - I am sure the part of the osprey`s lives we observe + their migration is the "work part" and in Mexico it is the "renewal part". One osprey was missing a tail and a wing feather perhaps from a run-in with a Magnificent Frigate Bird which are pirates and attack other birds which have caught fish. The people on the beach where we stayed are descendants from shipwrecks of people being brought from Africa shipwrecks to be slaves 300 years ago! Another time on a Pacific beach at a small town called Mazunte, I heard that familiar "fish now" call while I was in the ocean myself. Later that evening I saw an osprey on a dead tree - it looked like a female. Anyway - I miss the message board and will be home in a little over a week. I wonder when the ospreys I saw will begin their northward journey - perhaps in late February. I expect they head for Marie's area as well as other parts of the West.
Marie 01/20/05 12:11 am Good to hear your news Cathy. Wonderful to see the other side/life of our Ospreys.
Internet cafes must be available in Mexico for you to keep intouch with us all or do you carry a lap top while on holidays?
Celeste 01/20/05 05:09 am Thank you Cathy for the "winter" treat for all of us who are in the midst of cold weather. It was great "imagining" your story. Safe trip home!
Mickey 01/20/05 10:54 am Thanks for alittle taste Cathy. We`re sitting in 5" of snow today and they are predicting a big one Saturday night. I expect a collect call soon before migration begins !
Celeste 01/20/05 12:15 pm I really hope so Mickey.......getting a collect call from our chicks will help us think of spring instead of the 12 inches they are predicting for Long Island.

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