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Thread subject: Collect Call (good news ! )
Name Date Message
Mickey 01/21/05 05:07 pm Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrringggggg

*Me* Hello?

*operator* do you accept a collect call from……

*Me* from who from who from who???

*operator* from Liberty?

*Me* yes I do ! (maybe it’s the impending blizzard,or sub freezing cold but this is the 1st one Im crying while typing)

*Me* hello Liberty are you there?

*Liberty* sqwaak sqwwwwwwaksqwwwaksqwaksqwaaaak

*Me* OMG it is you! And your alive! Your going to make a lot of folks happy and thank you for calling.Where are you?

*Liberty* YAAAAAAAAAAACCCKK! sqwaak sqwwwwwwaksqwwwaksqwaksqwaaaak

*Me* wow South America…..a big lake you say.Plenty of fish. I have so much to tell you.You have 3 sibs. And some fine folks have built a nice new nest for either you or Freedom so you wont have to fight with Dennis + Betty. Your gunna love it.

*Liberty* sqwaak sqwwwwwwaksqwwwaksqwaksqwaaaak sqwaak sqwwwwwwaksqwwwaksqwaksqwaaaak sqwaak sqwwwwwwaksqwwwaksqwaksqwaaaak sqwaak sqwwwwwwaksqwwwaksqwaksqwaaaak sqwaak sqwwwwwwaksqwwwaksqwaksqwaaaak

*Me* YES NO KIDDING! A 2nd new nest in the preserve! I know I know …..3 sibs! All 3 fledged! So come home. Just don’t leave yet we`re about to get hammered with a lot of snow!

*Liberty* sqwaaak?

*Me* hahaha yes snow.Its fluffy white stuff that falls from the sky. Have you seen Freedom? Or any other Ospreys?

*Liberty* yakyak yakyakyakyakyakkkkkkkk

*Me* Oh ok.Then lets hope Freedom is ok. That’s great news that you`ve seen a lot of other Ospreys! I hope you were well behaved.

*Liberty* squeek :(

*Me* well next time be nicer! And be extra special nice to the ladies!

*Liberty* sqwaak?

*Me* yes I`ll explain another time.

*Liberty* sqwaak sqwwwwwwaksqwwwaksqwaksqwaaaak.. sqwaak sqwwwwwwaksqwwwaksqwaksqwaaaak

*Me* ahhhhhhhhhh so you are feeling something about coming home. That’s sweet we miss you too. Don’t worry about your fat ass.You`ll need your strength for your migration North.

*Liberty* sqwak sqwak sqwaaaak

*Me* ok my feathered friend see you in March.Have a safe trip North !!

cathy 01/21/05 05:39 pm ¿Isn´t it amazing that they come north from such a great fishing grounds to raise those chicks? I wish I could understand "Osprey".
Celeste 01/21/05 06:24 pm How wonderful to hear from our "first born" chicks Mickey. You are so lucky that they thought of you. And you are soooooo right, they are due back this summer! Enough of the warm climate all year round for Liberty and Freedom. Thanks for giving them your phone number in ' were very perceptive to do that! We would never have know what became of them if it wasn't for you!
Marie 01/21/05 07:25 pm Ah great news, Mickey.......
Keeping my fingers crossed for a safe journey back to Long Island. Remember they move faster on their way back North, when leaving their wintering grounds. The urge to mate is greatest in the Spring,( even though we know Liberty and Freedom aren't ready to breed yet) so there won't be too much socialization with the females on the way back up to L.I, particularly if you are a breeding male. You can just hear them saying...'gotta find my mate, gotta find my mate'..... It is probably quite the race to see who gets back first and who will claim the best nests. Oh, this is going to be so exciting again.
Lori 01/21/05 08:55 pm Mickey..... your phone call warms the heart on this cold, cold, day in New York ! :-) Thanks for sharing!
Stay warm eveybody.
Kathy 01/22/05 12:01 am Thank you for the latest news on our family, I can't wait for them to return.
I'm glad they keep in touch with you.
karen 01/24/05 12:40 pm So glad to hear Liberty is well! Mickey you did a great job translating!

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