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Thread subject: Testosterone is flowing in the Avian world.
Name Date Message
Marie 01/23/05 09:17 pm Well I saw it today.......the aggression is building in the male birds. For once it wasn't raining but very overcast so I went out to observe the birds. I watched the male Mallards and American Wigeon testing their bounders today at one of the local ponds. They were constantly pushing and shoving and attacking each other. Nasty nibblings on other male bird's wings and feathers. The Am.Wigeon seemed to be more aggressive than the Mallards to even males of their own species.
The highlight of the afternoon was an arial attack at the waterfront by an adult Bald Eagle with a juvenile. They chased each other and the talons were out. This adult did not like this intruder in its territory. They almost locked talons as they descended, when suddenly the younger one disappeared below the roof tops. I never did find it so I hope it flew off somewhere. The adult flew to a high fir tree to watch over its territory again. Nasty behaviour but thrilling to watch. This was the male or female from the the Island Road pair, not the beach pair of eagles.
Meanwhile, the female of the beach pair was sitting in the nest tree above the nest looking down at me when I went to visit her. An awesome stare. I wonder if she and her mate will have young ones again this new breeding season? Her mate was out on one of the channel markers catching dinner perhaps. A pleasant change from the torrential rain we have been having this past week. It is so mild now too after all those very cold days.
Hope all you folk down east are surviving the nasty storms. I am thinking of you in your picturesque white, winter wonderland.
karen 01/24/05 12:43 pm Marie it is very interesting to read your observations. My feeder this weekend had several agressive encounters between the male cardinals and also the male downy woodpeckers. I thought this was due to the foot of snow covering everything and that it was competion for the feeder but now reading your notes think maybe it is the start of spring ... ( ever hopefull )
cathy 01/26/05 05:51 pm I am back from Mexico and back reading here. I always wonder if raptors begin to recognize frequent observers. Do you think the eagles recognize you, Marie? That alone would be a good reason to visit nest areas - to get them used to your not being threatening. I used to visit some nesting harrier hawks before I knew much about birds. I don't think they ever thought I was friendly, because they dived at me every day. I just showed up - not too close to their nest (which seemed close to the ground in a big vacant field). I was hoping they would observe that I was just standing there in the same place. I thought about all the trained hawks over the centuries - how they recognize their trainers.
Marie 01/26/05 07:53 pm Hi Cathy, Welcome home again. I hope you had a lovely vacation. From your daily diary readings I would say you did.. :-))
I do believe the Eagles know me.....particularly the beach pair. The others.....well I don't frequent their nest sites too often. Between the ospreys when they are around and one pair of eagles down at the beach I do believe I invest enough hours in my hobby. I need to do other things at times but I wish I could invest a whole day from dawn to dusk to just sit and observe their behaviour one of these years. ;-))

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