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Thread subject: Blackwater Eagle Nest
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Celeste 01/25/05 09:39 am The last several days I have noticed that the eagles have been present in the nest in the very, early morning, (before sunrise), afternoons, dusk and dark. Lo and Behold the site has announced today that there is a "first egg"!
Celeste 01/25/05 10:08 am I was curious as to whether or not the nest the eagles are using at Blackwater is the same that their ospreys return too. I wrote Lisa, the Webmaster of the Blackwater Site my question and she was very prompt and kind to answer. She explained that the eagles only use the osprey platform to fish from. I forget that eagles are not as tolerant of humans as osprey are. In fact I recently read that one must witness eagles from a car or shielded area as they will immediately leave their nest and/or worse abandon it entirely if they are frightened. Anyways, this cam is focused on a nest deep in a wooded area, (a loblolly pine as Lisa called it). If the nest is successful, Blackwater may have two cams, one for the ospreys and one for the eagles!
Pam 01/25/05 10:43 am Someone on Orca-Live just told me about the egg - really exciting news.
Marie 01/25/05 10:46 am Good egg already at Blackwater. I am not sure whether I agree on the hypothisis that eagles will leave their nests if disturbed. I guess it depends on the eagle pair. You should see and hear the noise at Willows Beach June. July and August. Certainly the pairs of eagles around the waterfront as very 'PEOPLE' tolerant. I found a new nest yesterday being constructed in a large fir tree over the parking lot at one of the local Golf Courses. It stands at the foot of the rising pathway to the club house. This has to be one of the busiest areas of the Golf Course. I guess if the young survive from a busy nest situation they then become even more tolerant of human activity. All that I have read about Herons and Eagles certainly indicate their sensitivity to human encroachment, but in an urban setting, here in Victoria, these species have proven otherwise.
Nancy L 01/25/05 11:38 am 11:37 A.M. - So this eagle is now nesting for a while & I presume we shall see her there every day, huh?
Celeste 01/25/05 12:57 pm Yes, and perhaps there will be more eggs. Hopefully it will be a successful nest and we might have a chance to continue watching the progress.

Thanks Marie for the info about "your" eagles. It makes sense that out of necessity the BC eagles/or urban eagles must adapt. Visiting Blackwater is like "slipping away" to another time and place. It is a very beautiful and peaceful Refuge.
Marie 01/25/05 09:43 pm YES indeed I have seen the egg this evening. Looks like the Lady of the 'nest' at BLACKWATER just got up and rearranged herself or flew off just to stretch her wings but was back in a very short time. There lay the one egg to the right of the nest. Must be a big full moon out there as the nest seems lit up as though it is in flood-light. This is exciting. Now to watch and wait for little ones after 36-38 days. The Ospreys won't even be back by then. This seems so early for breeding eagles. Does any one know if this is the usual time for Eagles to lay eggs in Maryland? I don't think our eagles lay until March, later the farther north you go.
Celeste 01/26/05 04:52 am According to Lisa, the Webmaster of the Blackwater site, they were hoping for an egg by mid-February;(as was previously the case at their Refuge). Right after she wrote this the egg was discovered. On the site today Lisa has provided a Q & A that answers a lot of questions. Very informative......
Marie 01/26/05 09:35 am Thanks Celeste.........I took the time to read and look at all the captured PICS. Just great. I see your name too.:-))

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