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Thread subject: Blackwater Eagles
Name Date Message
Celeste 01/28/05 10:35 am There is a second egg in the "early" nest of the eagles!
Pam 01/28/05 02:53 pm That's good news Celeste - hope the parents don't abandon.
Marie 01/28/05 09:49 pm Great news Celeste.......I had checked earlier and seen the announcement. Looks like this female lays her eggs under the cover of darkness. The first pictures captured of the first and second egg were just after does she lay between 4-6am I wonder? Did the ospreys( Betty) lay her eggs in the dark too or very early in the morning. Does anyone remember.? Guess I could look that up later...
Tiger 01/30/05 07:27 am THis was Betty's record in 2004.

First Egg Arrives (4/5/04)
The first egg arrived at approximately 11:10 pm on Monday, April 5. The full moon provided good lighting of the event.
Second Egg Arrives (4/8/04)
The second egg arrived at approximately 3:50 pm on Thursday, April 8. In the clip, it appears that the contractions stop just before the 7 minute mark. A clear view of the two eggs is not available in the clip, but the male bird seems to check them out carefully.
Third Egg Arrives (4/11/04)
After fussing with the nest for a while, the female settles down in the nest and, after six contractions, lays the third egg at approximately 4:10 pm on Sunday, April 11.
Fourth Egg Arrives (4/14/04)
Immediately after returning from feeding (not shown in clip), the female osprey starts having contractions for the fourth egg. The egg arrives at approximately 1:35 pm on Wednesday, April 14. Can anyone identify the animal that runs up the clearing near the end of the clip?
Nancy L 01/30/05 12:00 pm Thanks for checking that out for us, Tiger.

What is that to the left of the nesting eagle this morning? Food remains??
RonS 01/30/05 12:21 pm Nancy, it look like the remains of a meal, duck perhaps?
Celeste 01/30/05 02:30 pm It's a duck! I saw the webbed feet and the neck in the early stages of eating........
Marie 01/31/05 01:41 am Thanks Tiger for checking out the Osprey laying times. Shot my therory all to peices...LOL. At least Betty laid her first egg under the cover of a starry sky. Perhaps only eagles 'MAY' lay in the dark.. ;-))
Marie 01/31/05 09:44 am Looks to me as though there was a Gull once upon a time in the Blackwater nest. Now it is only a feathery carcass. Two wings lay in the nest. Looks like what I found hanging in the nest tree and beneath the Elm tree(eagle tree) down at the beach here in Victoria. They do eat duck too as well as other things. Hopefully the male is a very good provider.
Pam 01/31/05 02:40 pm Looks like they're going vegetarian - is that corn on the cob I see in the nest ??
Marie 01/31/05 10:49 pm Yes Pam.....I thought I saw a corn husk too.....

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