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Thread subject: Eagles Galore.
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Marie 01/31/05 02:12 am This W/E I went for some rest and relaxation, or so I thought, to Vancouver on the mainland. My son lives over there with his wife and two small children, so while I was on the BC Ferry I decided to count bald eagles. There is a narrow stretch of water that meanders through the gulf Islands as part of this journey. It is extremely pretty through the Islands especially on a bright sunny day. Alas it was mostly grey and overcast yet again. It takes the ferry about 1 hr and 30 mins to get to Vancouver from Victoria. 20 mins of that time is through 'Active Passge'. On one side of this stretch of water sat 17 Bald eagles in separate tall fir and cedars that borderd the passage. If one estimates that 'PROBABLY' there were as many if not more eagles, on the other side of the passage for it is equally treed, then I saw a lot of eagles in one day. But, this wasn't all. On my way in from the ferry dock, yesterday I saw at least another 20 more eagles in the 30 min. drive. 12 of assorted (ages) of eagles were all together in a farmers field. I couldn't believe my eyes.) I wasn't driving so I could look and count) This was a feast! I even counted 8 hawks( Red -tails and Rough- legged) sitting on the fence posts or highway lamps posts on separate occasions. Unfortunately I returned to Victoria in the late evening today under the cover of darkness, so could not repeat the bonanza of Bird life I had observed on Saturday. I do believe that the Bald eagle is doing very well, here in BC and has made a complete come back from those DDT days of the 60's.that almost decimated these beautiful creatures. Meanwhile it was a great visit to see the family with a bonus, An Eagle Extravaganza.
Celeste 01/31/05 08:49 am BC sounds so beautiful exciting to see all those eagles. I know the excitement of only seeing 3-4 at one time, I can only imagine! Thanks for sharing the ferry ride!
Pam 01/31/05 10:23 am How exciting for you Marie - there does seem an abundance of bald eagles in the general area of southern BC. I saw about a dozen the other morning at RR, but yesterday was pretty quiet so I think they must have all flown east! They certainly seem to be thriving and Garry Fletcher tells me that at Goldstream Park during the salmon spawning season they can be seen in hundreds. An equable climate, plenty of prey, plenty of cover, and plenty of space, what more could an eagle want? By the way Marie, did you take some photographs? If so, could you find a way for us to view them? It will soon be daylight in BC and I am anxious to see what the morning brings to RR.
Marie 01/31/05 10:38 pm Nope Pam......I was on the moving ferry and just didn't feel like going outside on the deck to get blown about. Wished I had made the effort with the digital camera as there was an adult eagle chasing gulls across the bow of the ship and it appeard quite close at times. When I was on the mainland in the car it just didn't seem the time to stop for photos as we were heading to White Rock on the highway... so I missed plenty of opportunity. The truth was I never took all my best equipment with me. What happens often though, is when one stops to take pics, the subject in question flies off. Can be quite frustrating. Will try another time.
Apparently at Goldstream park the eagle numbers were way down from other years. About 50 this year only.
Pam 02/01/05 06:35 am They had all headed for White Rock !!!!

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