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Thread subject: update on BBC/Martah Vineyard ospreys
Name Date Message
karen 02/02/05 08:55 am These may not be "our" birds but it is nice to hear about ospreys

is usually a very slow time for our satellite tagged
Ospreys, as they're hunkered down in their wintering areas. No news
from Bluebeard, who should begin heading north towards the end of
February. We do have news on Jaws, however. For the filming of the
BBC's migration documentary, Jaws has a transmitter that can be
located with a directional receiver on the ground. We took advantage
of that and sent a receiver down to a colleague, Paul Salaman, in
Colombia. He went in to the area where Jaws is catching Colombian
fish and found our bird. The area is an indigenous reserve and not
under the control of the drug cartels, so it was safe to go in. With
the enthusiastic help of the locals, he boated around the lagoon and
got some great pictures of the area and even a couple of pictures of
Jaws himself.
I've added a link on the migration webpage with Paul's
pictures. A direct link to the new page is:
While we're on the subject of South America, I am going to
lead a nature tour to Brazil in June of this year and we have spaces
available. We're going to visit the Amazon rainforest and the
Pantanal, the world's largest fresh water wetland. We're likely to
see over 300 species of birds on the 10-day trip. Details are at .

Best wishes,

Rob Bierregaard
Biology Dept.
9201 University City Blvd.
Charlotte NC 28223

704 333 2405
Pam 02/02/05 10:24 am Rob, the Guajira link did not work - I can get the UNC or your page but couldn't find Guajira. Any other link to find the pics?
karen 02/02/05 04:50 pm Sorry everyone,
An astute observer noted that the direct link to the Guajira page is:

Your careless Osprey webmaster,

Rob Bierregaard
Biology Dept.
9201 University City Blvd.
Charlotte NC 28223

704 333 2405
karen 02/02/05 04:51 pm Pam I quess you are the "astute observer" try the link it is very interesting
Pam 02/02/05 06:05 pm Thank you Karen. You are right - what amazing birds these are, flying an average of 100 miles per day to find that perfect spot to spend the winter. I hope I manage to see the BBC documentary. I will have to get my husband to look out for it for me - I spend most of my time in front of this screen, not the TV one. Seems like Jaws is a sensible bird, why fly further south when you have the perfect spot on the Northern tip of S.America.
Celeste 02/03/05 05:37 am Glad the link now works as I too had tried the interesting....thanks Karen.... and yes Pam Jaws is deinitely a sensible bird. I was wondering if our PBS channels will show this documentary here in the States. I would love to see it too!
Marie 02/03/05 09:28 am Great info Karen on Jaws. I can't wait till the BBC documentary comes out. Generally I do believe we get many of these Nature productions that are produced in other places beside the USA and Canada. Perhaps it will be a while though before we do. Perhaps one day some TV production could be considered here on the West coast for it wouldn't be hard to follow the Osprey that migrate up and down this coast and into Mexico. Cathy has seen this first hand. All we have to do here is get a transmitter fixed onto several osprey first so they can be tracked. There in lies the big ethical question. 'Whether to track or not too.
They just announced 18 Bald Eagles found dead in North Vancouver this morning. Killed. Now who and why would any one do that. This action is sick!
karen 02/03/05 12:34 pm Killed? That is really horrible ... I hope they catch and prosecute whoever did it. Let me know if you hear more.
Pam 02/03/05 12:55 pm Karen: here is a link to a short report on the slaughter.
There is just nothing one can say.......
Lori 02/03/05 09:34 pm I can not believe that people are that sick. They should have their own legs and "tail " cut off .
cathy 02/03/05 10:32 pm I am sorry to hear about killing such innocent and beautiful animals directly. Many more are killed less directly through habitat and prey habitat loss. The richness of our lives is reduced by this loss. The photos we publish, the websites that show them living and raising their chicks and the magnificance of the migrations bring more people awareness of their importance. I was so pleased to come back to read that Pale Male and Lola are reconstructing their destroyed nest after so many people were able to see and read about the importance of just these 2 birds through appealing web sites. Maybe the horrendous slaughter of eagles will somehow improve the chances for others.

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Tom Throwe
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