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Thread subject: Some more photos...
Name Date Message
Pam 02/06/05 08:44 am ... a few more photos to pass the time. Not much doing on 4th Feb, wild weather as you can see (and as mentioned by Marie).
Celeste 02/06/05 11:35 am Great photos. The size and majesty of the eagles were definitely captured. The closeup of the feathers was so interesting. The photos of eagles at Race Rocks and the Eagle Cam at Blackwater has provided an opportunity to learn more about another has certainly given us an interesting winter and before we know it we will be involved with our osprey!
Marie 02/06/05 01:07 pm Pam, these are wonderful PICS . The adult eagle is not quite a full adult which is amazing to see. All those dark feathers among the white on its head. Looks like he got into something he shouldn't have. ;-) As it takes 4-5 years for an eagle to get it's full white head and tail this sub adult is probably closer to 4 or more years.
I love the expressions on the juvenile birds. Looks like RR is a gathering place for all ages of eagles. A sort of No -ones territory.
Today is real stormy.....nasty weather here.
Nancy L 02/06/05 01:55 pm Thanks, Pam. Love those close-ups, the snow-covered mountains & the roiling sea! We don't get ANY mountains here on L.I., N.Y.
cathy 02/06/05 02:53 pm Again - thanks for the great closeups.
Pam 02/06/05 06:01 pm I don't want to be a bore, but if you are enjoying looking at them I will post more if I have good ones. February is a dull month and as Celeste says we need something to keep an interest in. Have been out a lot of today but it looked a very high sea earlier and no birds about near enough to "capture". Just had to have a quick look in before retiring for the night! The mountains are actually in US, the Olympic National Park and the sea is the Strait of Juan de Fuca. You can drive right up Hurricane Ridge and looking north on a clear day you can see Victoria, BC. It's beautiful up there, one of my favourite places.
Marie 02/06/05 06:36 pm It is NEVER boring PAM.......I love those Eagles. I have been to Hurricane Ridge and I agree it is gorgeous up there in those mountains. Especially late July and all of August when the snow has finally melted and a host of unique delicate wild flowers come out to surprise the hiker. I once saw a black bear in the meadows and one can really get close to the deer. Then in late September the snows return and blanket the high alpine meadows for another winter. Brrrrrrr it is like winter here today. The rain has turned to sleet and snow at times and the water out front here is steely grey with white caps. Even my Humming bird doesn't like this weather. Those gulls in the air are propelled across my view as though launched from a rocket. Yes Pam, keep those pics coming our way. Ever since RR's changed servers I can't get onto the site, but you are the expert so why should I I see the best, which is at my back door so as to speak, projected from half a world away. Thanks Pam.
Lori 02/06/05 06:50 pm Thank you Pam! They are great pictures Keep up the good work.

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