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Thread subject: The return of "our" Osprey's
Name Date Message
RonS 02/15/05 08:35 am Last year we had an informal "pool" of when the Ospreys wourld return. They returned to the nest on March 15, 2004, in the mid afternoon. I'll start the guessing this year wiht my standard stale wisecrack. I predict that they will return on March 17th, thereby causing us to rename them the O'Spreys.
Marie 02/15/05 10:38 am I am with you too on that date Ron, for it was the very day I had in my mind...but since you have announced that date first I will surrender and chose the 16th at 2.30pm .. ;-)) O' Spreys is real cute Ron. I like that.
Pam 02/15/05 10:39 am Nice one Ron!!
Things seem to be getting underway earlier this year so I predict 12th.
Pam 02/15/05 10:41 am Want to try chat Marie ??? - will go in now.....
Nancy L 02/15/05 11:03 am I'll guess the 15th in the morning. What was that web site to check on "Jaws?" Will they keep track of him returning?
Lam 02/15/05 11:10 am I predict March 14 - 11 AM
Kathy 02/15/05 11:12 am I like the O'Spreys, Ron. I agree with Marie, it is cute. My prediction is the 11th.
Melanie 02/15/05 12:41 pm I'll be the procrastinator and say the 18th. Just because. I can't wait.

For whatever reason, my "backyard" nest has seen them return to the nest on the 17th for the last 4 years. Same date every year. Must be those green beer races.
cathy 02/15/05 06:33 pm I predict the 16th. They may not recognize the new nest and have to come back several times just to be sure. By the way - "my ospreys" at the end of the King County airport runway had their nest moved. Yesterday I went to look for it, and was distressed to see the nest taken off (it had been there at least 5 years) and a wire pyramid put over the top of the electrical tower where it had been. I went into the building where I used to work and visited the receptionist, who could see the nest from her desk and gave me reports. She said a crane had moved the nest - 200 lbs of sticks - to a platform next to the river. This made me happy since a power tower is not such a good place for a nest. I just hope the faithful ospreys who always nested there find their new home with their old sticks. Another osprey nest had been moved in a similar way from nearby a power tower after a power station blowout (apparently from the nest) and the ospreys had successfully relocated.
Marie 02/15/05 09:43 pm You are so right Melanie about the birds returning the same day each year from their migration. My Violet-green Swallows arrived every year on April 1st. It will be fun to watch for the O'Spreys return.
Cathy so glad there is a good outcome to your observations and followup. It must have been quite a shock to see that nest gone. Now to keep our fingers crossed for a quick relocation for the ospreys. How far away is the new nest site to the old one I wonder?
Tiger 02/16/05 07:19 pm I will be even more procrastinating and say that Dennis will arrive on 19th and Betty on 20th.
karen 02/17/05 10:42 am Why does not one want March 13th?? I will take it but I will be happy whenenver they finally show up. I have been waiting for email on the Woods Hole osprey that they have seen migration starting altho I know it will not be Jaws since he is I think ist year bird. It is exciting to think that any day now the ospreys in South America are starting the trip north ....
Lori 02/17/05 08:48 pm
I think you guys have picked all the "good" dates!
:-( But because I want them (our ospreys) to hurry up! I'll wish for the improbbable possible of March 10th!

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