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Thread subject: Pale Male
Name Date Message
Nancy L 02/15/05 11:07 am In the N.Y. paper this morning, Liz Smith (gossip) said she was strolling through the "Gates" in Central Park & saw a group of sightseers busy with telecopes & binoculars, watching Pale Male rebuilding his nest.
Kathy 02/15/05 11:15 am Thank you Nancy, that is great news!
Melanie 02/15/05 12:38 pm According to the website, they have been doing more than just rebuilding the nest. Apparently they are very much in the "trysting" mode.
Melanie 02/15/05 12:44 pm By the way, there is a lovely picture on the of the cornice and nest
Marie 02/15/05 09:27 pm Just checked out the site........wonderful pics of Lola and Palemale and other birds. Great to see they have taken to their new nest cage construction. Hopefully there will be less debris falling from the skies above. A wonderful ending to a distressing story earlier on. People Do make a difference when they show how much they care about Nature.
Tiger 02/16/05 07:18 pm I have been reading this story and it is truly fascinating. The nest itself is in an amazingly precarious place.

Certainly something to watch until our Betty, Dennis and all the other ospreys arrive.

They must be thinking of doing their packing and getting readyto fly by now.

Marie 02/17/05 09:24 am SMILE.......
Only 32 more days of waiting for me if Dennis arrives when I predicted...
Melanie 02/17/05 12:03 pm Marie, the interesting thing about the whole "half eaten carcass" argument is that would be very uncharacteristic behvior for the hawks. Now, as we have seen with Dennis, Betty and the kids, the "avain rocket launchers" would be another matter......

One of my neices (now 12) has become a birder and followed my lead over to Pale Male after our ospreys left. I brought Pale Male with me at Christmas and printouts of the eviction and reinstatement and she cried. Like all of us, she is waiting anxiously for when the ospreys have landed so she can go to Mom's office to check it out on the T-1. Dialups just don't cut it.
Marie 02/17/05 05:09 pm Ah that is touching Melanie about your neices fascination with Palemale. It is great to start the children off young to appreciate the Birds and Nature in general. My 2 and a half year old( granddaughter) is totally devoted to birds and their calls .You should hear her rendition of a Barred Owl, Robin and Chickadee. ;-)) Well guess whose been teaching her since she was 18months old. It is priceless. She is now teaching her own little friends.She says, 'This is a Robin, this is a Hawk, seagull or Eagle, AND guess what she is SPOT-ON. It is so amazing.Moral of the are never too young to learn.
karen 02/18/05 08:53 am You are so right ... I taught my son the correct names from the beginning and when he was about 3 my husband said to my son " look at the pretty red bird" and my son replied" oh dad thats a cardinal"! I got a great laugh that day kids are soo smart.

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