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Thread subject: Blackwater info please?
Name Date Message
Mickey 03/05/05 02:43 pm A day or 2 ago the Blackwater isp crashed and they told you to go to a site and register.It was free and you had to give your email address. For things like this I usually use my hotmail account, but I figured it was with Blackwater and I gave my optonline address. All of a sudden Im getting ALOT more junk mail since registering. Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me?
karen 03/05/05 03:06 pm Hi Mickey my junk mail seems about the same since I registered with the alternate site a few days ago ... now I cant get on the Blackwater site must be all those people watching the 3rd egg hatch ... I try again later ... they are very cute babies!
Marie 03/05/05 05:14 pm the site is back up and running again.......but the female is brooding her babes...hopefully she will get up soon for all to see......I am off to work in 30mins so won't get to see any more of the activity. I did email in the captured pic that I saw of the third chick half out of its shell.
Matt 03/06/05 12:05 pm Mickey, It may not be them. From what i've seen of all the years of getting junk mail on the internet, it seems to come in waves. Every now and then i'll get more in a month and the next few months will be light. Normally junk emailers want a quick and easy way to get a whole bunch of email addresses, which is why they love usenet newsgroups.

Hotmail used to be so terrible with junk email.

By the way, for those junk emails that say "reply to this with unsubscribe in the subject header", don't do that. They may unsubscribe you from their list, but they'll trade your email address to others when they do list trading. Just delete them. Better yet, set up a filter to have friends/family emails go to one folder and unknowns go to another folder. Makes for easy removal.
karen 03/07/05 08:29 am Hi Mickey I do seem now to be getting extra heavy junk mail ... 2 senders that I know are new are "amazing offers" and "bonus deal" ring any bells? if we are getting the same ones then we could assume most likely fromthat WildCam site....
Mickey 03/07/05 01:49 pm absolutely karen thats them!!!!
karen 03/07/05 01:53 pm so now what do we do ... write note to Wildcam and Blackwater ...
Mickey 03/07/05 02:03 pm I just wrote Lisa the webmaster at Blackwater karen. I also went over to the wildcam site and changed my email address to a yahoo one. Complaining to wildcam wont help.They know what their doing is my guess.
Matt 03/07/05 07:37 pm Oops, sorry. I really thought they wouldn't do that and thought that it was just a fluke. My apologies. :)

I hope they clear that up.
RonS 03/07/05 08:00 pm I registered at Wildcam last year and at that time I saw a bit of an increase in spam. I just deleted them without opening and soon enough they stopped. Just a suggestion but it seems to work in most cases.
FOB Webmaster 03/07/05 08:32 pm Hi guys,

I had to contact WildCam about our Chick-Naming Contest (they're hosting it), so I also sent them a copy of Mickey's question regarding the spam.

I'll let you know how they reply. They're good folks, but I honestly don't know what they do with the registration info they collect. Hopefully we'll find out.

Friends of Blackwater
RonS 03/07/05 09:48 pm Hi, Lisa,
Thanks for jumping in and asking for us. The effort is most appreciated. RonS
FOB Webmaster 03/08/05 07:20 am Hello all,

I heard back from Paul and Helen -- they run WildCam. They both responded to my inquiry.

I can assure you that we do not make our email addresses available to anyone. Not even the people who advertise on our web site. - Paul

No, we don't share emails at all. We don't email anything out except password reminders. It's just an unfortunate coincidence that they received spam soon after registering. - Helen
Mickey 03/09/05 04:58 pm ty Lisa !

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