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Thread subject: Blackwater Update
Name Date Message
karen 03/07/05 08:45 am Caught breakfast just now ... 2 chicks 2 adults one egg. They have added a web log with interesting info ... based on our osprey expererience the 3rd will be a high risk if it hatches at all .... the first 2 chicks look great. But the reload and no sound really make me miss our osprey nest!
RonS 03/07/05 11:33 am It looks like the third egg is starting to hatch. There were cracks around the middle of it. I don't think it was the shadows, although I have been fooled before.
Marie 03/07/05 04:44 pm I do believe I REALLY SAW THE # 3 CHICK A MOMENT AGO.......I hope I am not fooled agin my shadows.....( hopefully someone else saw it too just to confirm)
Mickey 03/07/05 04:59 pm Lisa has reported that Ospreys have been seen ! Regretfully, not the nesting cam pair yet !
MarciS 03/07/05 05:06 pm Marie, the third egg has hatched. I saw it too, and the website has verified it! He looks so small though.
Kathy 03/07/05 05:09 pm Marie, I was going to post about the third chick, but Marci beat me to it.
Grace 03/07/05 05:31 pm How good could that duck be? It laid in the nest for a couple of days....probably the cold weather helped. Looks like fish is abundant.

There is an egg at the northeast utilities site, also.
Matt 03/07/05 11:22 pm Do eagle chicks peck at each other to prevent them from getting food like the Osprey chicks do?
Marie 03/08/05 02:50 am Thanks for confirming what I saw......Marci and Kathy. Now, I don't feel such a complete idiot after all. Thanks...... :-))
He sure looks small........
Celeste 03/08/05 04:34 am Hi Matt, the eagle cam has "sparked" my interest to learn more about this bird..

1.....The Larger chick will peck and attack the smaller chick....eating most of the food the parents bring to the nest....."a la CZ "(our osprey

2....Many second and third hatching eaglets fail to live beyond the first two weeks.....50% fledglings survive the first year

3....As is similar with our osprey....parents do not protect when there is "fighting" in the nest

4.....In Alaska...100,000 eagles between 1917-1953 were killed because fishermen thought they threatened their livlihood

5.......A male weighs 8-10 1/2 lbs....a female 10-14lbs....and they are 2 1/2-3 ft. tall!!!! Their feathers alone weigh 4 lbs. They can pick up up to 4lbs of their "kill", and their nest can weigh up to 2 tons --9ft across

6. An eagle can live to be 30 yrs old in the wild....50 yrs in captivity

The above shows what an eaglet looks like during the different stages of its maturity.
Grace 03/08/05 08:23 am THe third chick looks pretty good this morning. With fish and ducks so abundant, so you think he or she has a chance?

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